Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Update: Olympic Edition

Good morning, kittens!

How's your Monday? So glad to be at work? Happily churning out charts and graphs and PowerPoint presentations which no one really wants to read? I'm sure you are :-)

I had a great weekend. My Friday was absolutely fantastic (see previous post). Happy Hour at Nellie's was fun. And, then, watching the Opening Ceremony with a bunch of bitchy, opinionated gayz (and Tomoko) was a blast.

Saturday, Y and I blobbed around the house. I made a delicious brunch/lunch of pasta with Thai Basil Pesto and a cucumber/tomato salad, made from tomatoes from DUN's garden. Delicious! For dinner, we met some of Y's friends at Eggspectations. Not my favorite place to eat, but it was all right.

Sunday, there was a lot more blobbing. We watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (actually, Y left after the second movie). I knitted like a fiend.

I'm unofficially participating in the Ravelympics on Ravelry. I couldn't get my act together fast enough to sign up, but the goal is to knit an entire project during the Olympics. I thought knitting an illusion scarf would be a fun challenge (since I've never tried it before). Here's what I completed this weekend:

Dark Mark Illusion Scarf 3

Kinda neat, huh? When you look at it straight on, it looks like black and green stripes.

I went for a run this morning. The weather is GORGEOUS! My goals for today are:

1. Mail out at least 2 resumes.
2. Clean the cat box.
3. Go to the pottery studio.

Seems reasonable. Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. All I have to churn out for work is patient charts. Which usually get read by someone. Now that I'm done with that, though, I'm going to go get a mediocre bagel at Dunkin Donuts, then take a nap before I go home.

  2. Cool scarf!!! No powerpoints today, just gotta remember to put sunscreen on my forehead.

  3. Knitting and the Olympics. Kind of a weird combination, but if it works for you, have at it.

    Knit me a sweater while you're at it.

  4. Love that scarf!!
    Sounds like a lovely weekend to me. Hope you have a pleasant Monday.

  5. anne marie in philly7:50 PM

    I am knitting an illusion vest at the moment (vertical stripes in dark and light purple), but I am not knitting for the olympics.

    did you get the idea from the first "stitch n bitch" book? if not, it looks kewl!

    illusion knitting rocks!

  6. Missed you most of all Stevie :)

    (Giant Persian Hug)

  7. What a fabulous scarf! If knitting were an Olympic sport, you'd get the gold.

  8. That is one great scarf!

  9. I'm already sucked into the Olympics. I was up until 3AM Sunday night watching stuff and forced myself to get to bed before 2AM last night.