Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meat-Free Monday: Yet Another Pasta Salad Edition

Good (Almost) Afternoon, Kittens!

How's work? Making the most of your Tuesday? Pounding out those ever-so important technical reports full of fun charts and graphs that no one ever really reads? Don't worry, though. I appreciate your effort, so it's not completely wasted. Really.

Last night, I made a delicious pasta salad, which was a riff on a recipe idea my SuperFantastic Cousin told me once. I took the basic ingredients of a Caprese salad and tossed them all with macaroni (I wanted to use orzo, but the store didn't have any).

I used:

1/2 pint of golden pear tomatoes
1/2 pint of grape tomatoes
Container of marinated mini-mozzarella balls
1/2 pkg of macaroni (cooked, drained, rinsed in cool water)
Olive oil
Red wine vinegar (just a splash)
Lemon juice (just a splash)
Basil from the garden
Salt/pepper to taste.

And that's pretty much it. Super fast and easy. And YUMMY.

Not much on my agenda for today. I've applied for one job. I need to spend some time looking at some job websites. I want to work on the spare room a bit, but first I have to venture forth to the great outdoors to post a letter.

Who has all the fun? Me!

Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. So, to do this recipe, I have to fly to the DC metro area and collect Basil from your garden?

  2. Throw in some bell peppers and some Ken's Italian dressing (with Romano) and you have my favorite salad, too. (Though if you like the dressing as much as I do, you'll use rotini - it holds more dressing per bite.)

  3. I made a tomato and cucumber salad with fresh thyme, all from produce I got from the farmer's co-op, added some red wine vinegar and lemon juice, salt and pepper. But I'm having it with some kosher organic chicken breast.