Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Goals for Today!

Good Morning, Kittens!

How's work? Just think, it's almost the Holiday Weekend! Hallelujah! Labor Day! The day when we honor our mothers for going into labor! Send her flowers or something. Srsly.

My goals for today are:

1. Shower.
2. Shave.
3. Apply for at least one job.
4. Clean off the kitchen table.
5. Revel in the joy of a clean living room.
6. Encourage more people to enter the Great End of August Pottery Giveaway!
7. Sort laundry.
8. Do laundry.
9. Venture forth to Mike's to watch Project Runway tonight (because a certain cable-owning neighbor, who shall remain nameless (but it starts with a T and rhymes with "Romokito") is off covering the convention in Denver. Let's all hate on her, shall we?).
10. Drink.
11. Go to bed.

Seems very doable, no?
Have a sunshiny day! Now, go enter the contest (if you haven't already).



  1. don't hate me:-( I met Jerry yesterday in Pepsi Center but he was busy on the deadline....

  2. And I don't have Bravo here!!