Sunday, August 17, 2008

Congratulations, Dorothee!

You are the winner of the Summertime Cold Soup Contest! YAYz!

From Dorothee's emailed entry:

My recipe is called "the super healthy beets and watercress soup"

First, the ingredients:
- 3 beets
- half a bunch of watercress (I used a whole bunch but it is too much I think)
- 2 or 3 cups of lowfat buttermilk
- goat cheese! a lot!
- around 2 tsp of white wine vinegar
- some salt and pepper

Now the recipe:

- Use a steamer to cook the beets, it took me 35min (and now my bamboo steamer is pink...) When the beets are ready, wait for them to cool down (or you will burn your fingers) and then cut the ends and peel off the skin. Cut them and wait.
- Put the watercress in your blender, add the buttermilk, the goat cheese and the vinegar and blend. Pour in a bowl.
- Put the beets in the blender with some buttermilk and blend.
- Then mix everything in the bowl with salt and pepper (as much as you want)

Warning: Your fingers will be pink when you're done but no worries, it goes away. And beets are so good for you that it is worth it!

And her photo:

Looks yummy, no? Why don't you try making it tonight?

So, Dorothee, for your prize, pick *one* of the following:

A. Vase (approx. 4.5 inches tall)
Vase 1

B. Pencil Holder (3.5" tall, 6" long)
Pencil Holder 2

C. Squaretop Vase (almost 5" tall)

D. Canister 2 (almost 5" tall, not including lid)
Canister 2

E. Wide Spiral Vase (5" tall)
Spiral Vase

Congrats, again! And, thanks for playing.

*Cold Soup Smooches*


  1. Yeah! I'm glad you liked the recipe. I'm definitely going with the canister, it looks really cool and I don't have a canister (how convenient!)
    Thanks Vuboq, it was fun playing and the pottery gift are really cool!

  2. Your pottery is getting better and better.

  3. anne marie in philly4:06 PM

    I still think you should sell your pottery...

  4. I wish you would sell me a piece of your pottery. Maybe you'll think about it now that you're unemployed? I COVET YOUR POTTERY. Let me give you money.


  5. My as-yet-unrealized soup recipe involves beets, too. Must be the season or something.

  6. Ewww... beets. I hate beets.

    Congratulations Dorothee, though I'll never make your soup because of the beets.

  7. Aw man. I was going to rock this baby with my gazpacho but my tomatoes are doing crappy this year (except my cherry and grape tomatoes, they're taking names)

    Next year, cold soup contest, next year.

    xoxo, SG

  8. Thirding the sell your pottery thing.