Friday, August 01, 2008

Unemployment. Day 1

Alcohol Units Consumed (yesterday): 8 (maybe one or two more)
Tequila Shots Taken (yesterday): 1
Alcohol Units Consumed This Morning: 0 (so far)
Hangovers: 0 (*w00t*)
Resumes Sent: 0
Interviews: 0
Job Offers: 0

Stay tuned ...

I need to clean. Then, I'm heading to the pottery studio this afternoon.



  1. I would give yourself a couple days to decompress before really gearing up for a serious job search.

  2. Yep, take a few days to just taking it slow then kick it in gear when you're ready. Ganbatte!!

  3. Congrats on a hangover free morning! Hope you have a lovely weekend, free of stress and full of lerve.

  4. Hey, man, you're doing it right. Plus, it is the weekend, after all.