Tuesday, August 12, 2008

12 of 12: Unemployed Edition

Here are 12 pictures from my exciting Urban Adventure!

I left Y's apartment bright and early (ok, fine, when you're unemployed 9:30AM *is* bright and early). I left his building and was greeted by gorgeous sky and crepe myrtles.

Crepe Myrtle

I cut through the park on the way to the metro station. This graffiti always makes me laugh.

Yey is too short

L'Enfant Plaza Metro Station is probably much busier earlier in the day. Jiggling the camera makes it look busy though.

Busy L'Enfant

I love the (relatively) new covers Metro has installed over the open escalators.

Exiting L'Enfant

I went to the National Gallery of Art. First to the East Wing to see the Treasures of Afghanistan exhibit. Then, I wandered through the West Wing.

Even the ancient Romans were touched by the Flying Spaghetti Monster's noodly appendage.

Flying Spaghetti Monster

I have a thing for Saints ...

Me and Saint Sebastian

After leaving the NGA, I wandered up the the Capitol. I love the Grotto, a octagonal brick building with a fountain.

The Grotto

After relaxing in the shade for a bit, I walked to Jaleo on 7th and E for sangria and tapas. Best Sangria in DC. Srsly.


Then, home to take photos of my latest pottery.

Vase and Cat

Followed by a nap.

Just Up From a Nap

Then, another summery beverage (blueberry-infused gin with lemon italian soda).

A Toast to Some Mighty Fine Weather 2

The rest of my evening will be filled with knitting and DVDs.


Oh, and a board meeting at 9PM (ugh).

Check out the other photos from my day on Flickr.


  1. unemployment never looked so pretty.

  2. Looks like an awesome day!

  3. Janelle8:51 PM

    Great photos. The blueberry infused gin with lemon soda sounds delicious!!!!

  4. My 12 of 12 featured crepe myrtles too. Of course, your photo looks much better than mine.

  5. I love Michigan Brown, I love that vase, I love that hairdo(!), and I would love to know what Sangria tastes like. I've never had any! Can you believe that? And I'm, like, a hundred years old!

  6. I get to DC a few times a year, and I too appreciate the covers over the escalators. Very thoughtful of them.:)

    Looks like a fun day!


  7. Um, noon is early for me, and I am employed. Of course, I also work one of the weirdest schedules ever, but there ya go.

  8. That's some nice pottery! Nice work.

  9. Great scarf! I envy your ability to knit, tried and tried to learn, but just never took to it.

  10. anne marie in philly12:27 PM

    ummmm...tasty drinky-poo...

    NOW I know what the tree growing in my backyard is...a crepe myrtle. never knew that; thanks, VUBOQ!

    nice pottery once again; what a talent! what a saint!

    covers over the metro escalators...what will they think of next?!? in the 20 years I lived in the VA burbs (1979-1999), never did I see even one.

    update on shear genius tomorrow, please!

  11. OMG! Those glasses! I got some tumblers in that pattern from my Grandmother and I've never seen them anywhere! We share glassware!

  12. Great photos! I have a thing for iconography in Christian art.

  13. That's a really cool photo of the Metro cover... Bossy thinks it could be a Poster.

  14. Oooh I like the shot of the covers over the metro too :)

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