Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Kingdom for a Cold Soup

Good Morning, Kittens!

I had planned to go jogging again this morning, but, when the 7:30 Alarum Bell rang, I could not drag my tired, stiff, sore body out of the bed. Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men, eh?

Not much going on today. I need to go to the grocery and hardware stores. I need to organize a couple of lunch dates. I need to clean the house. I need to do laundry. And, I need to find a job. Not particularly in that order ...

I also need to start the limoncello for SCGB's upcoming birthday. Limoncello is SuperEasy to make; however, the likker store has not had any grain alcohol (like EverClear) in stock the past two times I've been there. I'll try my luck again today.

Otherwise, I may have to improvise and I'm not quite sure how.

Knitting: The scarf is coming along nicely. I'm in the boring "background section" now. And will be for approximately 20 more inches. Dullsville.

OH. I finally watched Infernal Affairs yesterday. If you don't know, The Departed was the American remake of it. I have to say the Chinese version was a bit better. First, Tony Leung is CUUUUTE. Yum. Second, the ending was not quite as cut/dried as in The Departed [If I remember the ending of The Departed correctly].

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is busy making cold soup for the Summertime Cold Soup Contest!!
You only have until Friday, August 15th to submit your entries to me. See here for contest rules.

Do it. There are prizes!

Tonight, there will be more knitting, Project Runway, Shear Genius, and some jewelry making with DUN. Fun times.

Have a fabulous day at work! Don't let the BossMan (or Woman) get you down!


  1. If only I knew how to cook.

  2. gayprof: vuboq has it one good authority that you do know how to cook. so get cracking on some fantastic New Mexico-inspired Cold Soup!

  3. er ... "on" good authority.

  4. Will you post your recipe for the lemoncello?

    LOL, my word verification was sxeztek.

  5. i have the BEST recipe but my camera is being a bitch...sigh

  6. also? i'm from the south. i can totally send you some everclear if you need me to :-D we have it in abundance

  7. I have a possible recipe in mind. The big question is whether I can manage to put it to the test before deadline, since I'll only have tomorrow and we've got evening plans.