Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh, the Domesticity

A few projects are nearing completion. Huzzah.

First, the Dark Mark Illusion Scarf. All I have left to do is add the fringe and block it (and blocking doesn't always happen in Vutopia).

Here's the From the Top view (with flash):

Dark Mark Scarf 1

Here's from an angle:

Dark Mark Scarf 3

Oooh. Scary, no?

AND, I finished up a batch of limoncello for Peter's Birthday Party (which was ... um ... Saturday). So, it's a little late. Big deal:


It came out a bit darker than usual. I believe this is because I used some sort of unprocessed cane sugar instead of regular old bleached out white sugar. The syrup was a bit brownish when I added it to the booze.

It also tastes a bit boozier than I remember, but -over ice- it is quite nice. *hic*



  1. anne marie in philly6:16 PM

    nice scarf, VUBOQ!

    wish I could sip some of your limoncello...

  2. Really cool scarf! That's impressive!!!

  3. Great work on the scarf. Yum on the Limoncello.

  4. That scarf is awesome!

    xoxo, SG

  5. Excellent scarf! I love illusions of all kinds, but that one rawks!

  6. kristen10:29 AM

    coolest scarf EVER.

  7. kristen3:14 PM

    I saw this and it reminded me of your Dark Mark Illusion Scarf: