Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Good morning, kittens!

How's work? Must be busy, because you're not reading my blog ... srsly, is unemployment *that* boring? My stats (not that I check them obsessively or anything) have dropped considerably since the unemployment began ...

So one must wonder ...

(a) have August blog-reading doldrums set in?
(b) is VUBOQ uninteresting now that he has no job?
(c) does it really matter?

Soon, it will be Fall, VUBOQ will consider going Red 4 Autumn again, and all will be well in Vutopia.

Well, if VUBOQ has a job, that is.

Meanwhile, the exciting events from yesterday were ...

1. The Phone Interview with MD Unemployment was fine. After they confirm my "bonus" with my previous employer, they will reinstate the benefits. Huzzah.
2. I completed another Federal Government application. (If I get this one, I'll be moving. Anyone want to guess where?)
3. I went to two different grocery stores.
4. I registered for the next pottery session, which starts in September.
5. I started making a batch of limoncello.
6. I had birthday drinks with SCGB.
7. I knitted.
8. I watched Galaxy Quest.

Never give up. Never surrender.



  1. Bossy thinks it's just August. Or at least that's what she comforts herself with...

  2. You? Boring? Don't be ridiculous. Your posts about pottering and summer soups and job applications and, um, knitting and...an...a....zzzzzzzzzzzz

    Yes! Yes, I agree! What?

  3. Well, I have been crazy busy with NERPoD and prepping for my trip to NM tomorrow. Otherwise, I would be glued to your blog.

  4. My kids are back at school and I have 7 quiet hours to enjoy myself every day now. I'm reading your blog, dude!

    Galaxy Quest rocks the house. Ah, the power of belief. And Tony Shaloub is in it!!

    Glad the phone interview with the unemployment people went well. That could have been a big suck.

    I hope you get some more positive job related (as in offering you a job) interviews soon, sweetie!!

  5. I *LOVE* Galaxy Quest. I must go update my Facebook profile right now so everyone can know of my love for galaxy quest.

  6. some of us read your blog on igoogle...we are here, even if you don't think we are

  7. anne marie in philly4:27 PM

    yep, I am still reading cause you ARE interesting!

    unemployment be damned!

    would like to try your limoncello...

    PS - verification word is "tyrfu"..."fu" (didn't think so) LOL

  8. I love Galaxy Quest! Even David, who hates Tim Allen because he has to take his shirt off in every movie he's in, thinks it's a good movie.

  9. I love the Fall. I'm looking forward to the Red.

    My guess is Coral Gables, FL.

  10. Well if you must know, you've GAINED a reader. Your blog is in my daily "must-read" list. So that means you must be pretty good because I only allow myself 5 blogs to follow (otherwise I'm prone to blog-hopping for hours on end and might find myself in the unemployment line with you). And that also means, that you knocked someone out of their spot in my daily routine!

    Hope the job hunt ends in something fruitful soon! And if not, there's always more gin.