Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stop Looking at My Groceries

"Ooooh ... you're buying healthy food," said the crazy lady behind me in the express line at Whole Paycheck as she eyed my whole wheat bread, soy milk, hummus, nachos [organic!], and garlic-stuffed olives.
"Um. Yeah," I replied.
"You're too thin," she said.
"I'd feed you some mashed potatoes and gravy and big thick steaks ..." her voice trailed off.
"You can keep those olives though. Too salty for me."
"Thanks. Bye."


  1. Organic nachos? Who would want organic nachos? ;-)

  2. goblinbox: who wouldn't?

  3. I don't even like the checkout clerk knowing what I buy at the grocery store.

  4. hmmm i must confess that i look at other people's groceries. not to offer them dinner (like the Whole Foods lady) but to get ideas, be reminded of things and waste my time while waiting at the checkout.

  5. i bet she'd feed you steak, so long as you paid for it...and she'd over cook them.

  6. gayprof: A good clerk should be able to ring up groceries blindfolded.

    bala wala shi: I'm sure that's OK as long as you don't vocally critique the other shoppers.

    dykewife: Steak. Yuck. The last time I ate steak was in the Summer of 1998, I think.

  7. "mashed potatoes and gravy and big thick steaks"

    See - Bossy told you us Heterosexual Women have all the fun!