Friday, June 08, 2007

Accent on Accessories!

I'm bored. My eyeballs still hurt. Here are a few photos. Enjoy!

Today's wallet:

Purchased in Thailand a few years ago. Made from an old pair of Levis. Recycling! So hip! So trendy!

Today's wristwear:

Purchased when I worked in the Sackler Gallery of Art Gift Shop. The battery died a year or so ago. I haven't bothered to have it replaced. It's cute and it matches, so who cares?


  1. Wait. Is that a watch? You're wearing a watch that doesn't work because it matches?!?

    Wow. You're cooler than I'd thought, even. ;-)

  2. goblinbox: Yeah. I am way cool, because, see, it's like this: Not only does the non-working watch color coordinate, but it also matches thematically. The t-shirt I'm wearing has a subtle message for peace (stylized image of a man throwing a molotov cocktail, except the cocktail has been replaced with a bouquet of flowers). The Japanese character on the watch? It means peace.

    gah. The things I think about when I'm getting dressed in the mornings ...

  3. Cool wallet. Michael would love it (and his is all torn up). Wonder if I could figure out how to make one...

  4. I am willing to buy you a battery.

  5. Pride must be rockin', you haven't even posted a little bit! ;-)

  6. Bossy will get excited when her jeans are made from an old wallet. Preferably with money still inside.

  7. You where a watch that doesn't tell the time just because it matches?! Mr Vuboq, you are so gay ;)