Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First Things First

Some of you may remember me blogging about the SuperSecret Long-Awaited Knitting Project. Well, it has been received and a photo has been posted. Check it out!

Ms. Martini was runner-up in a little haiku contest I ran a while back (like maybe a year and a half ago?), so I promised I would knit her a scarf. We decided on a Harry Potter scarf. The only problem with that, which I failed to see at the time, is that the main color in the HP scarf was very similar to the color of the Never-Ending Sweater of Doom. So, I put the scarf aside until I finished the sweater. At least both projects are finished now, and I am, now, trying to figure out how to organize my Charity Knitting Project Idea. I will think on it tonight.

And, now, I guess you are eagerly awaiting my report from last night?

Well ... my Meat-Free Monday meal was delicious!

I made a caprese salad [tomato slices, topped with basil and mozzarella, and an olive oil and balsamic dressing] for the first course. Then, we had pasta tossed with homemade pesto. Many thanks to Shigeki-kun, who, using his wine expertise, suggested the perfect accompanyment, Piper Sonoma non-vintage Brut [of his many suggestions, it's the ONE that my local likker store had. And it was *YUM*].

**We interrupt this post for a Very Special Announcement. My boss just phoned with my "merit increase" - 4.3%!!! Suh-WEET!!!!

I wonder how much per paycheck that will amount to? I guess I can multiply my current pay by 4.3% to get a rough estimate?**

OK ... where was I?

Oh, last night, right ... It was very good seeing Y again. And, I must say missing sewing class (and, now, not taking sewing class) was well worth it. *rowr*

Lots of sex was had last night ... and this morning.

*contented sigh*

Updated to Note: Totally smokin' outfit today, Tomokito. Loved the shoes!


  1. That's a big scarf so aligned neatly :-) I wish I could do that. Beautiful.

    They didn't have Chateau St. Jean? Wow, that's new. But I am glad you were able to find the bargain sparkling wine :-) It's so much better than bad pricey champagne IMO. :-)


  2. I am glad that you are having fun.

  3. Cute scarf. Cute raise. Cute dinner. Cute contented sigh! ;-)

  4. Beautiful scarf. Now I want to make one, but gosh that yarn looks small, how many rows is that?

  5. That scarf is made of win. And kittens.

  6. Y sounds Yummy! It sounds like you're in for a VERY good summer!