Friday, June 01, 2007


But, not (too) queeny.

The combination of heat and a skoosh too much booze last night has resulted in me being not well-rested and slightly headachy this morning. oog. I really should turn on the a/c, but I remembered that towards the end of the summer last year the Little Air Conditioner that Could nearly conked out, sending forth only moderately conditioned air (wash, rinse, repeat).

I turned it on briefly two nights ago to make sure it was working. It was. Although, it did spew forth some lovely bits of black gunk. I haven't turned it on again, because I want my apartment to be cool for my It Was a Dark & Stormy Night party tonight. AND, I didn't want to risk the Little Air Conditioner that Could conking out prior to the party.

See how I suffer for my friends?

Meanwhile, last night, I watched the movie Kinky Boots, which I first saw on Tomokito's Netflix queue. I am not surprised she liked it - a movie about SHOES! and Drag Queens! What's not to love?

I was also on briefly. I saw the Cheating Cheater on there and sent him the following message:

"Update your profile, because I can't handle everyone thinking I'm older than you."

Then, I logged off. Well, more accurately, my internet connection fizzled. *cough* *spurt*

I know, I know. I shouldn't have messaged him. But, come on, he's nearly 3 weeks older than I am, and his profile still says he's 36 (or 34, I can't remember). gah.

So far, I have no real plans (other than the It Was a Dark & Stormy Night party) for the weekend. I have the potential for a date on Saturday. I'm supposed to call him on Saturday to firm up details. But, I don't know ...

I tend to get all wrapped up in one guy at a time. And, even though we have no mutually exclusive dating commitment, I still feel a twinge of ... guilt? ... just thinking about seeing someone else. Serial Monogamist.

Mmmm... Monogamy Cereal. Like Fruit Loops, but with just one flavor at a time.


  1. cugina preferita11:24 AM

    Don't feel any guilt. You haven't talked to Y re: exclusivity and you don't even know if he'd be into it. He could be getting busy in Israel for all you know. And, just because you see someone else for a date doesn't mean you have to immediately jump into bed with said date.

    I guess I don't want you to get all wrapped up in Y, thinking that you need to be faithful to him, before you know if he wants any level of committment whatsoever. Seeing someone else now won't doom whatever you have with Y, but it might keep your mind open and maybe help you sort out how you feel about Y. C and I dated other people for months when we were first together and I even spent 3 weeks in Greece with someone else. (I wished I could trade him in for C the entire time too. Which was illuminating.) And you know how that story ended. Please have a dark and stormy for me tonight as I will be resting my liver.

  2. What's more important is to do what feels right for you.

  3. Monogamy Cereal I think is tasty, too.

  4. I will ditto GayProf here. If you aren't feeling it, don't do it. If you are interested, go for it.

    Everyone treats serial monogamy like a dirty word, but, having tried various alternatives, I find I like it best.

  5. I agree with Gayprof. It's sometimes best to deal with these issues by going with your gut instinct rather than intellectualising whether or not something is "right" or "wrong".

  6. You said *spurt*. In public.