Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Martini in the Hand is Better Than Two at the Bush's

First, I'm a winner! *woot* Go me! I felt it might be inappropriate to gloat in GayProf's comments, but -since we are in Vutopia now- I ROCK! The rest of you? I spit in your general direction! *victory dance*

Of course, the spitting? It's done with love. Really. I love you all! Yes. Yes, I do. Every single one of you. Even you! *smooches*

[And, no, I'm not drunk ... yet.]

Anyway, the It Was a Dark & Stormy Night Party was a HUGE success! I had so much fun! And the Dark & Stormies are YUMMY! Here's the recipe:

Fill a highball glass with ice.
Add 2 oz. Gosling's Black Rum.
Add 3-4 oz ginger beer
Squeeze two thin wedges of lime.
[You can also add some fresh sliced ginger]

They were awesome. So refreshing. So intoxicating! Mmmm ... You all should run out and make them tonight. Really. They are *that* good. I might have another one (or two) tonight.

In attendance were Steveandbobby, Mike, New Upstairs Neighbor (formerly known as Tomokito) [NUN(fkat)] and her husband, Diagonally Upstairs Neighbor (DUN) and her supercute boyfriend, and Across-the-way Neighbor (AtwN). It was a good crowd. Lots was eaten. Lots was drunken. (er ... drunk?). Everyone left around midnightish. Fun times. Fun times ...

Especially when DUN's supercute boyfriend dumped A GALLON of lamp oil on my wonderful sofa ... [OK, it wasn't "a gallon" and -fortunately- there is no stain. Yay for Vuboq having the foresight to pay an extra $150 for superspecial stain protection!]

AND, it would seem that the "should I go out with the new guy while Y is away" dilemma has resolved itself (temporarily, at least). In my madcap attempt to clean and straighten my apartment before the party, I put the scrap of paper on which I wrote his phone number ... somewhere. Can't find it. Maybe I threw it away? Durf.

Today, I did a lot of blobbing around the house. And some cleaning up of the party dishes. I walked to the grocery store. Dinner is tomato and cucumber salad and pasta with a garlic pesto-like substance made by DUN.

A quiet night in. *aaaaaaaaaaah*

Maybe I'll finally watch All About My Mother. I've had it for weeks, but haven't been in the mood to read a movie.

No special plans for tomorrow, but I think I'll head into the District for a bit in the afternoon.



  1. Those cocktails sound good. Maybe I will make one right now!

    Well, except I don't have any rum, so I will need to substitute vodka. I also don't have ginger beer, so I'll use cranberry juice instead. Basically, though, it will be the same thing...

    You are a winner!

  2. Stupid question alert: What's the difference between ginger ale and ginger beer? Shawn's 21st birthday is tomorrow, and I have the feeling that there is going to be an untoward amount of alcohol in our near future. The cranberry and vodka is good, and my standby Cuba Libres are, too, but we could use some variety, so I might try your recipe

  3. Thank you for the recipe! I used the rest of a bottle of Bacardi Select that I had left from....mojitos, I think, back in January. They were very tasty! Shawn told me to thank you. He called them "Wet Chinos", though, because the bacardi is kind of khaki-colored, not dark. Silly.

  4. Did you like All About My Mother? Have you seen Volver yet? I just did, and loved it!

    Glad the sofa is OK, but I will be doing my own inspection of it to make sure you're not lying. I want you to invite us over again so I want to help you deal with/pay for any stain.

  5. And where am I supposed to get ginger beer?