Wednesday, June 06, 2007

When Cranky, Vuboq Buys Shoes

I can't decide if I like the first pair, but they were on sale. And who can say "no" to a shoe sale?

I am very liking the Converse though.

I also bought laundry detergent and got a roll of quarters. My days are filled with fun and excitement.

Meanwhile, yesterday, Y casually asked if I was going to meet him in NYC when he returns from vacation. I am kind of thinking about it now ... even though he gets back on a Sunday. I could go up to NYC for the weekend and stay with my wunnerful lawyerly friend, Alison. And, then, I could hang out with Y when he flies in. And he drove up, so I'd only need to buy a one-way ticket.

Of course, he will be all jet-lagged and shit, so -maybe- it isn't that good of an idea. What would you do?


  1. ummm... Chinatown Bus beats flying $wise. Why fly? You can get a lot of knitting done on the bus. In any case, you should go! That sounds nice!

    Is that next weekend?

    I ask cause I am calling off my Friday night bbq, to be rescheduled for June 16, due to my own crankiness. If you're in NY we'll miss you!

  2. br: Does your mom know you are reading this site?

    NYC wouldn't be until the weekend of the 23rd. I'd probably AmTrak. I'm busphobic. I'm looking forward to the BBQ!

  3. Oh, get out of Dodge and go. NYC secks! Whee!

  4. Cute shoes! I likey.

    I'm all for NYC weekends. Go!

  5. i like the first pair of shoes, converse always look sloppy to me.

    go to new york. really, go. if y is jet lagged you can offer to drive and let him catch up on some snoozing.

  6. I bet Y won't be THAT jet lagged! ;)

    Cute shoes.

  7. Bossy isn't totally sold on the first pair either. Maybe they are slightly orthopedic? In a very sexy way of course.