Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Meat-Free Monday: OMG I Need a Drink Edition

International Liver Resting Week 2007, Day 1.

I got home from work around 5:30. "I could really use a martini," I thought, opening up the freezer to pull out a chilled martini glass. "Oh, wait, it's International Liver Resting Week 2007, Day 1. Damn."

Mmm. Ginger ale.

I decided to finish the Long-Awaited Super-Secret Knitting Project. I only had 6 rows to go and to teach myself how to do a three-needle bind-off. In the middle of the three-needle binding off, my parents called.

"Now, I really need a drink," I thought, heading to the freezer to admire the chilled bottles (yes, bottles) of gin. Alas, once again, I remembered that it was International Liver Resting Week 2007, Day 1.

Phone call finished. I resumed the binding off, only to learn that the three-needle binding off technique does not work all that well on circular needles. Perhaps, the instructions should include a note: If you are using circular needles, it would behoove you to transfer the work to two double-pointed needles. Please keep that in mind if you ever try to use the three-needle bind-off, because I didn't. And it made me want a drink.

Of ginger ale. (*gah*)

After knitting, I decided to cook my Meat-Free Monday Meal. And, you know what goes really well with cooking for Meat-Free Monday?


But, it's International Liver Resting Week 2007. So, instead, I had water. Water. *ugh*

For Meat-Free Monday, I made an orzo pasta salad with lime-basil dressing.

I boiled a cup of orzo and tossed it with grape tomatoes, black olives, cucumber and grated fulvi romano. The dressing was lime juice, olive oil, basil, salt and pepper.

Served on a bed of baby spinach.

I forgot to take a photo. Which might be a good thing, the photos are never as interesting as when they don't include a half-drunk martini [and an all-drunk VUBOQ].

Then, I watched X-Men 3 ... which was really good.

The End. *smooch*


  1. They say to really clean out your body of liquor, you need to give it 21 days. Clearly "they" are insane.

  2. gayprof: 21 DAYS!!! I hate "them."

  3. cousin12:02 PM

    I would have been so mad if you'd given into the siren song of the martini. The only reason I resisted the bourbon last night was because I didn't want to either a) have to admit to you that I'd had one, or b) lie to you about it. It was a perfect night for a bourbon on the back forty.