Thursday, June 21, 2007

Boy in the City

One of us is a leeeeeeeeeeeeeetle over hung this morning.

I left work at 3:30 yesterday, went home, weeded a bit in the garden, typed a bit on two different stories, made a martini, and did lots of blobbing around.

I also did laundry.
Reheated my leftovers from Meat-Free Monday's dinner.
And cracked open a bottle of white wine.

3 hours, 2 movies, 1 long telephone call, and an IM conversation later, the bottle was empty and I went to bed.

Mmm. Bed. Bed good.

Of course, because I had washed the sheets, I had to make the bed first. Not fun. I hate making the bed. Making the bed while slightly intoximacated is even less fun and more hated.

Today after work, I'm meeting my friend Jerry at the National Press Club for drinks and snacks. Then, we are going to a press screening of A Mighty Heart.

Oh. And Happy Summer Solstice! Everyone go out and drink a margarita in the sunshine today!


PS. Y told me yesterday that he's coming back to DC on Monday! His original plan was to fly back to NYC on Sunday, then visit friends for a few days. Now, he's driving back on Monday. EXCITEMENT!


  1. Yea for the early return of Y.

  2. say hi to Jerry:-)

  3. cool. did you catch my laundry bad behavior? i snuck some in after 10 pm and when i came down to dry it at 7 am someone had already taken it out. hope it wasn't you cursing my name.

  4. Monday now = sexday for Vuboq!