Monday, June 18, 2007

In the Men's Room

Scene: Men's restroom at Merriweather Pavillion.
Time: During Rufus Wainwright's Never-Ending Set of Either One Really Long Song or 5 Songs That All Sounded Exactly Alike

The restroom was very crowded.

Suddenly, someone tapped VUBOQ on the shoulder and said, "We should really stop meeting like this."

VUBOQ was momentarily confused. He is not used to people speaking at him whilst he is in the act of urination. VUBOQ was flustered. Then, VUBOQ recognized the voice.

It was Convertible Mike, one of the many Mikes in the long, long line of Mikes Who Have Broken VUBOQ's Heart.

Convertible Mike said, "Because people will think I am stalking you."
VUBOQ replied, "I can think of worse people for you to stalk."

Random man at adjacent urinal laughed.
VUBOQ flushed.

[and then washed his hands, unlike many of the other men who were using the facilities]


  1. We like men who wash their hands before exiting the restroom.

    Convertible Mike opted for an odd moment to strike up a conversation. He couldn't wait until you finished? Unless he was just trying to glance a peek for old times sake.

  2. What, are you gay or something?

  3. And then and then and then?

  4. Well played, sir.

  5. that is hilarious!!! way to think on your feet, vuboq.

  6. gayprof: yes we do. it's all about cleanliness being next to Vuboqliness.

    goblinbox: no. why do you ask?

    bossy: no and then. no and then.

    marve and broccoli rob: thank you.