Friday, June 08, 2007

Pride. It Goeth Before the Fall.

Last night, I met up with a former co-worker and envirobuddy, Dana, for drinks at a new restaurant, Gallery. New restaurant. Old crowd. And, one of Dana's friends was not too pleasant to be around. It was a total blast catching up with Dana though ... Perhaps, a more interesting venue next time, D?

After leaving Gallery, we headed over to the Whole Foods Plaza. Mmmm ... eggplant fries at Adega. And cute counter help. *giggle*

Lots going on this weekend. Not only is today the one year anniversary of the breakup with the cheating cheater, BUT it is also Capitol Pride. *woot*

Tonight, the kittens are gathering at Halo for happy hour [and might I add that I look particularly cute today]. Tomorrow, some of us are going with Mike to an afternoon Pre-Pride Parade Party and, then, staggering down the street to watch the parade. I don't have any plans for Sunday, but I'm fairly certain I will end up at the Street Festival at some point during the afternoon.

Finally, to get everyone in the mood for a festive Pride. Here's a paragraph from a short story I wrote during my class this Winter. Enjoy.
Standing on the edge of the sidewalk, watching the kaleidoscope of people and colors and banners file past, I felt for the first time in a long time a sense of place. There among the leather daddies, the twinks, the dykes on bikes, the bears, the tourists, the giddy straight girls and their uncomfortable, yet trying to be OK with it boyfriends, there among it all, with my friends, I felt it: This spot. This spot right here on 17th Street in front of La Frontera. This is where I belong. Here we are one. Here we are united. United by the desire to be superfantastic … and, maybe, to earn a sympathy fuck with someone way out of our league.


  1. LOL--oh man, my head literally went from Aaron Copland-esque music swelling in the background to that sound effect of a record being yanked out from under the needle. Bravo!


    No one's outta YOUR league, hon. *smooch*

    Happy Pride, you!

  3. Dana!!!2:29 PM

    I promise... next time a much better hot spot will be suggested for happy hour! Perhaps the old standby, but definately a better place and with better company! :) I also had a blast hanging out with you! As I said I miss you Enviroboi!!!!