Thursday, June 21, 2007

Visions and Revisions

I've been sitting here thinking about parts of one of the stories I wrote last night. I'm going to have to delete about two pages of text. It was so cliche. Yuck. I do remember liking about two sentences though. I'll keep those.

I also really liked a scene (even though it needs work) that I added to another story. I have a tendency to write things that veer off into sappiness. What I added was an important course correction. Hopefully.

Not that this makes any sense to anyone other than me. Sorry.

And, Y just called me "pumpkin" in an IM. *giggle*

This looks like an interesting job. Too bad the pay is crapola.


  1. It's "punkin'" that always gets me. *sigh* Add me on IM! Mush gots my informationz.

  2. Punkin' killz me. Or baby. Or any of that cute diminutive crap.