Monday, June 25, 2007

In Money Matters, Money Matters.

Something has gone horribly awry with my budget. I don't have a copy of my budget here at work, and not being able to work on it to figure out why my budget and my bank account are not in positive alignment is totally stressing me out. *deep breaths*

I currently don't have enough cash in my checking account to cover my monthly bills. This is usually not the case. I will have to transfer money from my savings, but I want to know why this happened.

I'm thinking the problem is either a) rather than charge it! I used more cash than usual or b) somewhere there is a spreadsheet error in one of my budget columns.

It's a good thing my sewing class check got lost in the mail, because in a few days, it is going to magically transform into rubber. Alchemy is COOL. I will not be taking the sewing class this summer.

The financial hatches are about to be battoned.

1 comment:

  1. I have been going through this for months now. Then I sat down and figured out there is no way on my salary I can ever hope to pay my monthly bills. I was kool after that, I just had to figure out what to sell on ebay to suppliment my income! :)

    Hope everything is well Stevie, I hate how we always miss each other on AIM.

    *GIANT Persian Huggage*