Friday, June 22, 2007

Martini Hour

Alternative Title: Why a "Middle Class" Salary in the DC/Metro Area Totally Sux Ass (and not in the *fun* way)

I met Mike for a lovely lunch at a Thai restaurant near the Tenleytown Metro Station. It's not the best Thai food in town (by far), but the company and the cool breezes more than made up for that.

Then, I spent a few fruitless hours shopping in Friendship Heights. After my supercute new Converse shoes began to hurt (even more), I called it a day and returned home for a well-deserved MARTINI and some chips and salsa. Mmm.

I've been cruising the Internest, reading movie reviews. Practically every movie I want to see now is showing at the SAME theater: E Street Cinema.

If only I could afford the $9.50 per show ticket price to see them all! Tomokito and I are going to see Paprika, a Japanese anime, on Sunday. I also want to see, Waitress and Once and Paris Je T'aime and ShowBusiness and ... and ... and ...

I suppose I need to update my NetFlix queue and wait wait wait for DVD releases ... *sigh*


  1. Movies is 'spensive! Back when I lived in the D.C. area, I used to be on some site's e-mail list that would sometimes have free tickets to previews; it was totally hit or miss, though. I'll try to remember the name of it. And are you on the Landmark Theatres e-mail list? I remember sometimes they had preview contests.

  2. OMG Paprika is out already??? OMG OMG MUST GO SEE

  3. Friendship Heights is not for shopping. For therapy. I sometimes go there and drop in like Jimmy Choo or Neiman Marcus. I just try some on, admire them, and leave. Store clerks love me. BTW, remember movies cost $18 in Japan.

  4. Yeah, the lack of power in my dollar is one of the (very) few things that I won't miss about Boston. Again, I compare my studio apartment verses the whole house that I will be getting in MFT for almost the same rent. But, DC and Boston are also much more interesting than MFT.

    I heard that Waitress was not that great. If the best thing in it is Andy Griffin, I think that is saying a lot.

  5. I recently saw "Once" which is playing at E Street. It's a very nice movie. Subtle, cute, nice music, no high drama, and has a "just is" attitude. Let me know what you think when and if you see it.