Thursday, June 07, 2007

Smoke and Mirrors

I'm wearing one of my new pairs of shoes (not the Converse). They are stinky. Hopefully, they will not remain stinky.

Last night, I decided to make a frittata for dinner. I was going to caramelize half a red onion, slice up a tomato, use some fresh picked basil from my windowsill Chia Herb Garden, and add some yummy blue cheese.

As some of you may know, I am not the most patient cook in the world, and caramelizing an onion takes FOR-friggin'-EVER. Then, I remembered that the SuperFantastic Cuzin had told me that her mom does this "speed-caramelizing" thing in which she cranks up the heat and covers the pan. Voila! Caramelized in an instant!

So that's what I did. I cranked up the heat. Covered the pan. And went to go clean out the catbox. And started to dust. And brushed the kitty. And completely forgot about the caramelizing onions until *sniff* *sniff* What's that smell?

SMOKE! Smoke everywhere. Charbroiled extra-crispy black as night onions. The house filled with smoke. I cranked the fans, opened the windows, and learned that the smoke detectors in my apartment are not very sensitive.

I moved to Dinner Plan B - scrambled eggs with tomato, basil, and blue cheese. It was yummy.

I did laundry. V. exciting.

I had just popped in a movie when DUN came down for martinis and knitting [We were both feeling cranky earlier and needed to decrankify]. Mmm. martinis. Knitting. It was a lovely evening.

I am about 15 rows away from finishing the SuperSecret Long-Awaited Knitting Project! *woot*


  1. No wonder I smelled the mix of smoke and martinis last night....It made me fix some vodka martinis for myself. I was cranky yesterday, too! Work sucks.

  2. tomokito: If I had known you were cranky too, I would have invited you down. Perhaps, you should have been clompier.

  3. Can you knit Bossy some fur-lined flip-flops? By the way, you're so freaking funny Bossy raced to add you to her discerning Blogroll - hold the mayo. (smooch)

  4. bossy: hm. knit fur-lined flip-flops. I'll look for a pattern, but don't hold your breath

    And, *woot*, Thanks for the link! I've made it BIG TIME! Celebratory martini, anyone?

  5. You terrify me with the kitchen stories! You truly do! "Speed caramelizing"?!?!

  6. goblinbox: I KNOW! But my cuzin swears it worked ... just not for me

  7. I almost caught the deck on fire last weekend. I am so glad you didn't burn yourself up!

  8. chelsea: me too! "Apartment Destroyed by Burning Onions" would be such an embarassing headline.

  9. They've just replacd my smok detectors. I also have the over sensitive problem now. Just steam is enough to set them off. And I don't even dream of making a piece of toast after 9pm now.