Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend Update: Rude and Unfriendly Edition

Interesting weekend this Pride was. Overall, it was just like last year ... without the heartbreak or the hot sex. I guess no Pride is perfect.

The weird thing about Pride is it's fun to get out and see friends, some of whom I haven't seen in years, and to meet some new people, and to drink loads and laugh, but the background scenery never changes: Same floats. Same people. Same booths. Same crowds. I dunno ... I look forward to Pride, but then while it's happening it seems sort of blah.

Here's the run-down:

Friday, Robert, Tomoko and I went to Halo for happy hour. Then, Mike joined us at Alero for margs and mexican food. After two pitchers and dinner, we ended up at Omega. Mike and I got into this conversation in the porn room, in which we reminisced about what we were doing last year (having lots of sex). I mentioned that I'm glad we did hook up, because otherwise we probably never would have become good friends. Darryl, our mutual friend, likes to keep his different groups of friends from intersecting. Mike agreed and went on to say he was glad too, because when we first met he thought I was rude and unfriendly.


[Flashback: We first met at his house. He was hosting a birthday brunch for Darryl. The only person I knew at the party was Darryl. I am very shy in large groups of people I don't know. I thought I did a good job mingling and trying to meet people. I guess not.]

Tomoko and I got home around 12:45 (thanks to Emiliano for picking us up at the metro station. yay!).

Saturday ... slightly hungover. I blobbed around all morning. Then, Tomoko and I left at 2ish to go to a Pre-Pride Parade Party with Mike and Dennis. The party was fun. I met a few nice new people. Then, we walked down to the parade. Fun times. Afterwards, we were trying to decide where to go to dinner. Mike, Brian, and Gerardo (and maybe some others?) went to Straits of Malaya (although we thought they were going to Lauriol Plaza). Robert, Bill, Tomoko, and I went to Cafe Asia. On the way, this happened. After dinner, we headed home.

Sunday morning, more hungover blobbing. I headed down to the Pride Street Festival around 2ish. Met Ray and Joey. Then, went to say hi to Mike, who was volunteering in the OutFront (Amnesty Int'l) booth. Ran into Convertible Mike. Skillfully avoided a couple of people I didn't want to see. Talked for a bit. Then, Ray and Joey and I went to meet Robert in Dupont and wander over to Halo for drinks (see photo above). Then, the 4 of us went to Sette for dinner (mmm. pizza). Ray and Joey went home. Robert and I went to meet Mike to hear about his adventures at Cherry (the circuit party). We ended up in a coffee shop chatting for awhile.

I left around 10. Got home around 11. Tried to sleep. Couldn't. Goofed around on my laptop and finally went to bed around midnight. Still couldn't sleep. Tossed and turned all night with disturbing, yet oddly compelling, dreams.

And, I have officially declared this week to be Liver Resting Week 2007. If anyone wants to join me on the wagon, let me know. We can suffer together. I'm also considering going on a raw diet this week, but haven't quite committed. I need to think on it some more.

Don't forget: Today is Meat-Free Monday! Do your part for the environment by enjoying a delicious meat-free meal today!

And, finally, Y sent me some pictures from Tel Aviv Pride:
[Y is on the left.]


  1. I missed Boston Pride because of my trip to MFT. Sigh -- One day I will learn to use a calendar. *BUT* I did meet Superfantastic Cuz -- Who was superfantastic.

  2. the cousin10:58 AM

    Thank you, Gayprof. It was Gayprofalicious to meet you and we will have many fun times in future. My cousin, I will join you in the liver resting, but I'm not doing any raw food thing. If I can't have booze, I need cheese. Also, this week's menus are already planned.

  3. the cousin: wait. Cheese doesn't count as RAW? I think it should.

  4. I'll go on the wagon with you. I'm too broke to drink anyway, plus The Curse is coming, so a rest could be beneficial.

    We can make delicious tea-and-juice concoctions and email one another about them. With pictures!

  5. Does wine or beer count? I think not. I couldn't sleep and did see weird dream last night, too....Is our side of the building haunted?? Oh, btw, I found TWO parking tickets from last Thursday and Friday! It seems that they suddenly decided to start ticketing there. I moved my car.

  6. You have good taste; Y is cute!

  7. Love the pic of Y. He looks happy!

    Yay for liver rest!!! Guess that means that the bottle of gin will stay at the same level till next week.