Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Whole Lotta Nothin'

Edited to note: Dear People Clicking over from BOSSY, my posts are not this boring normally*. *smooches* VUBOQ

Good Morning, Kittens!

Yesterday, I ...

1. did a load of laundry
2. organized papers for filing
3. shredded lots of papers
4. watched The Forbidden Kingdom ...

and that was about it. Not very exciting, I'm afraid.

So, today, I'm taking a Museum Day. I'm meeting a friend at the Freer/Sackler. They have a new exhibit on Indian art. Then, we might wander over to the National Gallery to see the new exhibit on art from (and inspired by?) Pompeii.

Since I'll be out, any afternoon blogging will be taken care of by the Psychokitty, who is working on improving her computer skillz.

*HAH! Who am I kidding? Of course they are normally this boring.


  1. Bossy regrets moving from Arlington Virginia ten years ago, because then she could meet you at the galleries today.

  2. I am back, again. 2 times in 2 weeks from a little place I like to call Bossy-ville, and you sir, do not disappoint! Too funny. Not boring. You had me at "Hello KITTENS." Enjoy yourself today, and please soak up some culture for me. (And maybe a little procecco drinky-thingy at the National Gallery Sculpture Garden bar...I mean cafe. I was in DC for the first time this past August and am so jealous you live close enough to visit those amazing museums whenever you want to.)

  3. Greetings from a Bossy Reader in Delaware!

  4. Love the scrolling disclaimers! I too will be back :-)

  5. *Jealous of your kitty*