Friday, October 03, 2008

Only $45 to Go! HUZZAH!

Good morning, Kittens!

What a way to wake up this morning! Donations to my AIDS Walk have reached $955! This is so totally awesome. Not only am I a mere $45 away from reaching my goal, but I have raised more than I did last year. I truly appreciate all your support. Of course, if you haven't donated, you may do so by clickityclickclicking here. Dig deep! Give big! Win pottery!

And, in other exciting news, I have a phone interview this afternoon. I'll need to start prepping for that soon. The job sounds interesting, but I have some concerns about the salary possibilities. We shall see ...

Hm. Lessee ... what else ... my time in the pottery studio was well-spent. I trimmed a large bowl and 2 small casseroles. I also attached handles to the casseroles. I would go again today, but I feel I should devote my time to phone interview prep.

Last night, I went to Kristi's for a Debate-Viewing Party. Lots of fun. But not much else to say about it ... right now. I'm not feeling all that political.

More later. *smooches*


  1. *squeee!!!* You have raised a bunch of money for the AIDS walk! I'm pleased for you!

    I'm also glad that you have a phone interview today! That's pretty exciting.

    I'm feeling politicophobic today, frankly.

  2. WOOO, you made your goal! In what, like three days? Yeehaw, VUBOQ!