Friday, October 10, 2008

Sleeping In and a Few Other Random Thoughts

Good Morning, Kittens!

Happy Friday and Holiday Weekend! I completely forgot that this was a 3-day weekend for some ... I guess that's what happens when every three days are a 3-day weekend.

I was up a bit later than usual last night, so I decided to sleep in this morning. 'Til 9! It was lovely.

AND, they've turned on our boiler. Which now means I wake up every couple of hours gagging for some water. Teh dryness! So thirsty! I guess it is time to set up my little jars of water around the house.

Oh. And I was supposed to have a date yesterday evening ... but he had to work late. Boo. It turned into a phone date. Nice enough guy. He's from NY/NJ. Which means he has this accent which reminds me of this guy who lived on my hall my junior year of college who was not very nice to me. He (the date, not the hallmate) is going home this weekend, so, perhaps, we'll meet up next week sometime.

AND, I made a hair appointment! HUZZAH! Will I go Red for Autumn? Or stay my *cough* Natural Color? Hmmm ... only time and the mood of Leah the Colornatrix will tell.

Finally, Eric from Baltimore is driving down this afternoon for happy hour and fun times. We're going to Nellie's first. More than likely followed by dinner somewhere else. YayZ!

No other weekend plans yet. I do need to spend a large amount of time cleaning, though. The 7th Annual BYOP Pumpkin Carving Party is fast approaching!

More later. *smooches*


  1. Bossy is right. You are adorable! ANy place I can go and be called a kitten - I am IN.


  2. anne marie in philly12:59 PM

    is it martini time yet?

    have a good weekend VUBOQ!