Wednesday, October 08, 2008

To Virginia and Back

One of the *ahem* few *ahem* benefits of visiting Virginia is the view on the return trip ... which is one of the Things That Make Me Happy ...
I am so lucky to live in (fine! near) such a beautiful city.

See? Don't I look happy?

Oh, wait. I was still in Virginia at this point. No wonder.



  1. I always thought Virginia was kinda pretty.

    If you want inspiration for doing laundry, go read my latest post. fun times, honey.

  2. Hee, totally. When I lived in Arlington and commuted to Bethesda for work, one thing that made that commute bearable was those moments crossing the Potomac on the Yellow Line and seeing the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial every day. Definitely one of my Things That Make Me Happy too!

  3. Love your blog and I think it's no coincidence we chose the same blog format. This is my formal request to be best friends with you.

  4. You do know that ShallowGal is a Virginian, and her Manny job is therefore in that state.

    xoxo, SG

    PS: PSCguy feels the same about Maryland. SG is worried about you two meeting now.