Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Enjoy Being a Girl

Like, dudes, OMG.
(1) Why am I still awake, and
(2) Why am I so MF'ing depressed?

I mean, really, I just watched Flower Drum Song (and, like, OMG, it totally was Bloody Mary playing the ... um ... sister of the wife of the father of the oldest son who was totally supposed to fall immediately in love with the pretty illegal Chinese immigrant and marry her straight off, but he didn't b/c, well, he loved the trashy showgirl (Don't we all?) but somehow it all ended up happily with a double wedding ... I am still singing "Happy Talk." And I had to IMDB it to confirm that it really was the betelnut-chewing-Bali-Hai-singing Bloody Mary. And, then, I learned that she was dubbed in the movie [South Pacific, not Flower Drum Song] even though she won a MotherForking TONY [Tony! Tony! Tony!] by the actress who played Bloody Mary in the London version of the show and, like, fork, my entire worldview has been shattered. Whatevs.).

Yeah, I could be wrong about the Tony. I've had a bit to drink and my memory isn't what it used to be.

So, after having lots of bourbon and watching a musical which made me cry (what? double weddings are BEAUTIFUL things), I put in ... Edward Scissorhands.

Fuck Fork (plz keep it clean for the children). What was I thinking? So, now, it's LATE. And, I'm *even* more depressed. I should go to bed.

As soon as I finish my drink.

In the meantime, I would just like to share that (1) I'm still depressed, (b) I can still forking be forking supportive to the forking ex-boyfriend and like [FORK!] why the hell do I do that? B/C really it's not like he's all "hey, good luck with the job applications/interviews," but rather he's all "blah blah blah my advisor sent me a bankhanded compliment and I'm not sure how to take it."

And, of course, I, being the wonderful person I am, am all, like, "hey, you impressed your advisor. Good job!"

Srsly. If you date me, I am always in your corner ...

AND, like, OMG, someone needs to get their GD Car Alarm sorted before I head out there with a sledgehammer.

And, this concludes our stream-of-consciousness blogging for the evening.



  1. Well, it's an hour and 15 minutes after you posted this, so what the fork am I doing still awake now?

    Is it perhaps time to cut all contact with the ex-bf? Because wasn't he formerly an ex-bf who became the bf, who is now again an ex-bf? As nice a guy as he may be, he's selfish and egocentric and unable to make an equal contribution to any relationship, friend or more than friend, with you. You are a giver, generous and nurturing. He is a taker. All the give and take is one sided. You end up drained, with nothing. You have many fine friends who love you and give their support and affection generously. You will miss him. You will get over it.

    That might be kinda harsh for you to read, and for that I apologize. You are a kind and caring man. You have a lot of great things ahead of you. Cut loose the dead weight so you can move on.

  2. Yay for drunk blogging.

  3. Yeah, I'm thinking if you don't wanna change your phone number completely, you need to block that number so that selfish thoughtless bastard can't piss and moan to you anymore.
    And please, for the love of little green apples (somebody tell me where that stupid saying came from and why I can't stop using it) don't watch anything with Winona Ryder when you're depressed.

  4. I hope all that bourbon hasn't left you fuzzy-mouthed and headachy this morning.

  5. If being supportive of the ex makes you happy, then keep it up. But if you're doing it out of some sense of duty and it exhausts you, let it go. He's an adult and should be able to take care of himself. You need to focus on you for a little bit, sweetie.