Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Natural

Having my hair made its *cough* natural *cough* color plus a 1.5 hour therapy session with Leah the Colornatrix is a Thing That Makes Me Happy.



  1. Face it, dude: natural color or not, you're a hottie.

  2. Ooooh yah, that's super cute.

  3. I dunno, Leanne's collection really felt like a "collection" in an innovative way. Korto's clothes were beautiful, as were Kenley's. There was no bad collection in the bunch, but I have to agree that some of Korto's designs looked over-worked whereas all of Leanne's felt clean and effortless. Her color palette was simpler but that's a choice not a flaw.

    I totally stumbled onto the finale last night. I've barely watched the season at all.

  4. She did a nice job, I'm going to make an appointment for next month with her.

    PS: I'm 5 episodes behind on Project Runway so I have to skim those parts of your posts.

    xoxo, SG

  5. You. Are. So. Cute.