Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Because I Didn't Leave the House Yesterday

Good Morning, Kittens!

I have nothing to blog about and will, thus, force you to look at my new* workspace.

From Bottom (*heh*) to Top (*heh*):

The Desk: Eugene the Laptop, coffee, coffee warmer UPS port (from Mush, it doesn't really work very well), box of never opened tea from India (gift from the Cheating Cheater), random clippy things (birthday present from former co-worker).

Shelf 1 (from left to right): pen in a box, Canadian goodies (from wonderful Canadian Blogger, Dykewife), original art by Mongolian artist, Tsoloman Damba, childhood collection of NC hand-carved (not by me) wooden animals, brass Indian statue (from the Cheating Cheater), books, more books.

Shelf 2 (from left to right): vase (made by ME), original art by the same Mongolian artist, pitcher (made by ME) full of pens (stolen from work).

Today, I am going to leave the house and go ... somewhere. Possibly the bank and the grocery store. Maybe even the Likker Store, because I am out. of. gin. Life is so cruel.

And, then, I'm going to do laundry! Ooooh! Who has all teh funz?

More Later. *smooches*

*If you define "new" as "owned for over a year, but never used regularly until recently."


  1. You are so industrious. Bossy likes to invent Blog Features instead of focusing on important things like The WorkSpace and, cough, groceries.

  2. My, Eugene is so sexy...

  3. I wonder why Cheating Cheater has such representation on this space.

  4. Just wanted to say hello! I plan on stopping by more frequently... I've missed you!

  5. Can you post a picture of the weather? I'm in Arizona and it's still sunny and hot (just like it's been since April).

  6. That's USB port, dear heart, and it doesn't work for shit.