Wednesday, October 15, 2008

BOSSY's Having a Poverty Party ...

... and we're *all* invited! AND, I'm bringing the Money-Infused Vodka!

I am neither poor nor overwhelmed by staggering debt; however, my current income is not covering my outgo, which, if the situation continues, could lead to heart-stoppingly staggering debt.

And, no one wants that. Prior to the beginning of the Unfortunate Unemployment, I kept a meticulous budget ... using a very basic spreadsheet. It looked like this:

Notice (after you click to embiggen) that the unchanging payments (mortgage, co-op fee, student loan, etc.) are at the top, followed by variable expenses (groceries, entertainment) and I spend a heckuvalot of money at Whole Foods and the likker store. Also, notice that I put a constant -yet small- amount of money in savings every month. Pay yourself first, kittens.

That needs to be said again: Pay. Yourself. First. Kittens. Srsly. You are worth it.

Now, let's take a look at a During the Unfortunate Unemployment budget:

Uh? What? "There's nothing there," you say?

That's right. I have slacked off on the budget-keeping. Oh, I still keep every single receipt. I have a pile of them accumulating in this very cute casserole (of course, it's not balanced on top of my sofa now. It's on the dining table). I have not been entering them into the budget spreadsheet.

Having one's monthly income cut nearly in half is scary ... and I am in avoidance. However, if BOSSY can share her financials with the world, the least I can do is maintain my monthly budget (no matter how overbudget I go).

Note that I said "maintain" not "abide by" my monthly budget. And, now, I'm off to visit Leah the Colornatrix.

As Gawd as my witness, I'll never be my natural color again.
Oh, and GOOD MORNING, Kittens! luv ewe!

More later. *smooches*


  1. A chunk of my paycheck does directly to both my savings and my 401k before I ever see the money. Then another small chunk gets deducted automatically from my checking account into ANOTHER savings account monthly. Daddy taught me right.

  2. When you said that you kept your receipts in a casserole, I first pictured them inside a baked casserole! Something with corn and cheese and tomatoes. That would not be where I kept them, if I were so responsible to keep receipts, but you are more creative than I, so I was going to trust you on it.


  3. I read your comments at Bossy and had to come on over to read you! AND YOU ARE TOO FUNNY!!! Thanks for all you do to make us smile in these tough times (Where does he come up with these lines? Money-infused vodka!!!)

  4. You had Bossy at vodka. Now, what were you saying about pay first and zzzzzzzzzzz.

  5. You have to prioritize the likker. Let's face it, it's the main thing getting me through all this crap.

    Glad the pottery is going well. I'm busy with the crocheting. Scarves, scarves, and more scarves. I don't know how to knit. I'm glad 'cause I wouldn't be able to stop.

    Have fun at the colorist! I don't even remember my natural color.

  6. Mush needs her hair colored in the worst way.

    Do you want some yaoi manga? I have a couple issues I thought I'd send with the needles and such figuring if you don't want them yourself you'd have better luck finding someone to give them to.

  7. I used to do that. It's why I can live on so little now. I tried to embiggen but it didn't work. (I wanted to compare likker store expenses to mine lol)