Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I Should Be Used to September Being a Bad Month By Now

Good Morning, Kittens! Happy October!

So many exciting things happen this month ... like ... um ... Columbus Day! and ... um ... Putting Up the Christmas Decorations in All the Stores Day!

And, of course, the SOCIAL EVENT OF THE SEASON:

VUBOQ's 6th (7th?) Annual BYOP Pumpkin Carving Party (stay tuned for details)!

Also, it is the time of year when VUBOQ needs the influx of Good Karma and he gets crazy ideas in his head that in order to mitigate all the BAD things that have happened recently he should do some GOOD things.

Like the DC AIDS WALK. Which is what he did last year, and -thanks in large part to you beautiful people- he surpassed his goal of $500 and in less than two weeks raised $815 for the most deserving Whitman-Walker Clinic.

So, guess what? These past few months have been even worse than last year's past few months. And, VUBOQ has decided he needs Extra-Good Karma and will try to raise $1000 for the DC AIDS WALK ... which is on OCTOBER 4th.

Raising $1000 in four days is doable, right?


Anyway, if you would like to contribute to a worthy cause, please go here. Dig deep. Give big.

As an extra incentive, those of you who do donate will be entered into a drawing for some fabulous yet-to-be-made VUBOQ Pottery [and, trust me, kittens, VUBOQ has some pretty awesome pieces in the works].


  1. So many fundraisers are happening right now! My wallet just can't take it... especially with both a niece and nephew hitting me up! :P

  2. Already a quarter of the way there, good for you! Today is bills day, I'll see what we can manage tonight.

    Just out of curiosity, what happens to you if you don't get all the money?