Friday, October 24, 2008

VUBOQ Discovers the Joy in "Scheduling" a Post

Good Morning, Kittens!

Except it's really still Thursday night, but I have realized that OMG! BYOP Pumpkin Carving Party is in less than 2 days! and GAH! Hostess Panic!

So I am writing this post now. And "scheduling" it to publish tomorrow morning!

Behold! The Wonders of Technology. It's an amazing thing. Soon, I'm pretty sure I won't even have to type. Blogger will just post things for me. Easy! Peasy!

Anyway ...

Thursdays exciting events were ...
1. Writing DC AIDS Walk donor thank you email (did you get yours? Hope so!)

2. Searching for jobs (because, like, I have to apply to 2 jobs per week for my unemployment benefits, and how many have I applied for so far this week? Hm ... the answer you are searching for would be NONE!).

3. An exciting shopping trip to Trader Joe's and Target with the wonderful (and car-owning) Clio Bluestocking! in which we discussed the merits of the Entertainment Diet and solved the entire economic crisis in just a few hours. AND, can I ask how a store as HUGE as Target can be completely OUT of Candy Corns the WEEK before HALLOWEEN? It. Makes. No. Sense. It's like running out of Candy Canes the week before Xmas or something. *sheesh*

4. "Designing" the baby shower invitation for Tomokito, because Mike was unable to. Alas. I have discovered that my design skills are best left to the pottery studio. Still, I think the invitation is cute enough. OMG. And, don't even get me started on the baby shower invite etiquette of including where the expectant mother is registered (I can haz headache plz).

5. Running around the apartment making lists! Because why do actual preparation when one can pretend to prepare by making lists of such things like: (a) what needs to be cleaned and in what order, (b) items to be purchased at Whole Foods tomorrow, (c) likker to be boughten, (d) foods to be served and the appropriate serving dish to be used for each food, (e) guests who have yet to RSVP and what type of platter I should place their severed heads upon.

Srsly. What is up with people who can't RSVP? It's so easy: Yes, I will be there ~or~ No, I can't make it. Do these people not have parties? Do they not understand the complex calculations one must go through in order to determine what sort of food to buy? What is wrong with these people? I think they should all be killed ...

Or be forced to attend parties where there isn't enough food/drinks for ETERNITY! Hm. I like that idea.

And, my final rant,

6. Putting together some frames I ordered from American Frame. Yep. I ordered two frame kits ... and 1.5 showed up. The second one was missing some very crucial elements (like the cut-to-order mounting board and the cut-to-order acryllic front). I have used American Frame in the past and have been very pleased. Unfortunately, the package arrived after normal business hours, so I will be calling first thing in the morning (Like NOW!).

Hopefully, this situation will be resolved easily and I will not have to unleash the Power of this Blog and the strength of my minions readers reader on them. Because, if that's the case, American Frame will rue the day they messed up my order. RUE! Like, srsly.

OK. I think I'm done. Now it's time for a quick trip to the pottery studio and then errands errands errands!



  1. srsly, i love your blog.

  2. Wow -- It was like you traveled into the future to write this post.

  3. I am completely hooked on your blog! You are insanely hilarious.

  4. Amen, Brother! People who don't RSVP make me question whether I should remain friends with them. Unfortunately it would reduce my pool of friends from "lots" to maybe three at best, and they sadly wouldn't be the people I really wanted to keep.

    But I don't understand what is so freakin' hard about taking 30 seconds to go to a website and click "yes" or "no"? If you are not sure, well than amazingly, there's a "maybe" category. How about that!!

    Anyway, looking forward to all the pumpkin carnage this weekend.

  5. honey, take a deeeeep breath!

    srsly, i feel you on the whole people not RSVPing and proper registry ettiquette. i mean,really, how are people going to know if you don't include that info? and, aren't showers for gifts? bahhhhh!

    sorry,i'm getting worked up here.

    deeeep breath.

    if you need shower ideas, holler at me. i'm unemployeed too and a shower giving goddess ;-)

  6. anne marie in philly2:04 PM

    I received my thank you note!

    I swear, VUBOQ will be DC's next perle mesta, the "hostess with the mostest"!

    people who don't RSVP are ignorant!

    wish I lived closer to help you with the bundt pan and the planning and the running and the hosting and the cooking and...(wore myself out just TYPING all that!)

    your party will be wonderful cause YOU will be there! pix please....

  7. Dear Bossy's Gay guy:
    As a former retail person... NOT having enough Candy Corn is because not enough people RSVP'd that they were going to buy them last year ..this year:) Or is it this year last year? Yeah yeah that's it
    "Our" retail goal is to sell the last candy corn Halloween at dusk :) Someone probably for a party came in and bought every dang bag, whoo hoo no mark downs at 50% off.
    Note that next year there will be scadssssss of candy corn. Please buy a bunch next year.