Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Brief Moment of Happiness Followed by Utter Dispair

Kittens! I walked into Whole Foods this afternoon (after deciding not to spend *all* the money my parents sent me* on booze) and what did my wondering eyes behold?

ZOMGz! The Whole Foods 365 Brand Pink Grapefruit Italian Soda, which mysteriously vanished from the shelves a few weeks ago (or at least I noticed it a few weeks ago. Sometimes, VUBOQ is not the most observant) has returned!!! Oh, happy happy joy joy!

But, then, a shocking realization ... it has returned smaller and more expensive! WTFup with that, Whole Foods? Bad pink grapefruit season? I mean, really ... the Lemon Italian Soda is still in the big bottle with the (slightly) low(er) price. Disappointed that the Thing That Makes Me Happy now is making me sad, I banished smaller, more expensive Whole Foods Pink Grapefruit Italian Soda from my list of Things That Make Me Happy ...

And, replaced it with this:

The onset of Autumn. It makes me happy too.

*Yes, my parents sometimes send me money. Wanna make something of it?


  1. and speaking of booze, I just had a customer (bearing in mind, I work in a pharmacy : ) tell me about his new favorite drink concoction. He calls it a Brave Russian Bull. Equal parts vodka, khalua and tequila . . .

    I'm not so sure about this drink. Maybe I should check his profile and see what drugs he's mixing it with--maybe that's the secret : )

  2. My parents sometimes send me money, too. And I turn around and send money to my children. It's the circle of life?

    I'm very happy to see the onset of Autumn as well.

  3. Mine sent me a nice check for my birthday.

    I never do anything with it, though. It just goes into the checking account and probably ends up buying groceries.