Friday, January 09, 2009

Poke Me With a Fork. I'm Done.

Well, I'm done with my job-applying for the week! HUZZAH!

I am not done with the cleaning and organizing and straightening of the household. Why do I need to clean and organize and straighten, you ask? We'll get to that in a minute, but first ...

Time for a fun recap of the Paul Ehrlich Lecture at the World Wildlife Fund yesterday evening.

I arrived a bit late. Fortunately, nothing in DC *ever* starts on time. The conference room was packed. There were two seats left. After I sat down, I realized why those two seats were open. Hello, Big Pole Blocking My View of Dr. Ehrlich. I didn't take any photos, so here is a Dramatic Recreation in MS Paint:

The title of Dr. Ehrlich's Lecture was "The Dominant Animal of Biodiversity," and here are the highlights of my notes (yes, I took notes! It helps me to maintain focus):

-Humans are the Dominant Animal of Biodiversity. Let's drink!
-Cute boy keeps staring at me. Should I wave? Smile? Nod? Or ignore him.
-Not cute boy. Old guy. Woman. Woman. Another old guy. Ooooh. Very cute boy. I could look at the back of his head all day.
-Is there too much focus of preserving "hot spots"* and not enough on preserving populations?
-Is the conservation of charismatic megafauna (like pandas and tigers, oh my!) useful?
-Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute boy.
-US Consumption? It is outta control!
-Better cost beneit analysis of toxic chemicals (such as endocrine disruptors) is needed.
-The US has no population policy.
-The best thing for the US to work on for population policy is to improve the condition of women. Make sure they have the power and means to control their reproductive rights.
-Time for wine! Hurrah!
-Where did that cute boy go? Waaaah.

And, then, I came home. Fun.

My weekend plans are as follows:

Tonight, Mark is coming over for dinner and movies. I am making my World Famous, and oft Googled-Upon, Spicy Chinese Noodle Soup. Not sure what movie we will watch. Maybe Dr. Zhivago.

Saturday, I am meeting two former co-workers, Dana and the Skankified Ho** (reformed)(hopefully), for lunch at some Thai Place near Chinatown. After lunch, I'll be meeting up with Mike, the one who makes cakes, for some fun of some sort.

No plans for Sunday. I may just chill and watch DVDs.

Have a great weekend, Kittens. *smooches*

*Hot Spots are the most biologically rich and the most threatened ecosystems around the globe.
**The Skankified Ho is a Ho who has moved so far beyond Skanky that even Skanky Hos are embarassed by her behaviour. She is Skankified! (And, the funny thing is that my co-worker LOVED the Skankified Ho nickname). So. Very. Sad.


  1. I guess I'm wondering why you hang with a skankified ho? I could see Str8Guy with a skankified ho.

  2. Skankified hos are good for a giggle now and then, and I don't know about Vuboq, but whenever *I* hang with a skankified ho, I always feel very sanctimonious and holy and much better about my very small library of Adult Books and my very small stash of Menacing Implements and my Slightly Checkered Past Which Led To A Present That Is Beyond Reproach. Because sheesh, compared to a bona-fide Skankified Ho, I look like Mary Frickin Poppins! Yay!

  3. P.S. I think my husband watches Cops for much the same reason.

  4. 1. You said "charismatic megafauna."

    2. Caroline Wright's comment the first is The Funniest Comment Evar (tm)!

  5. What were you talking about endocrine disruptions? Like we drink so much subtle shit in our tap water that it causes metabolic abnormalities in humans??

    ps - my word verification is anteater

  6. Would an anteater be classified as charismatic megafauna?

    Charismatic megafauna is my new favorite phrase. Thank you SO MUCH for increasing my awareness of fantabulous phrases like charismatic megafauna.

  7. That's it -- will you marry Bossy? The drawing of the pole did it.

  8. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Wanted you to know that I still stop in, and I still *heart* you. Hooray for life.