Monday, January 12, 2009

12 of 12: Obama Cookies Edition

Good Evening, Kittens. Here's my 12 of 12. Enjoy!

Dana and I are on the way to an all-day symposium at the Natural History Museum on tropical extinction.
Jan09 12of12 001 Hello, Cute Boy Sitting Across the Way.

This would be part of the ceiling of the Baird Auditorium in the NHM.
Jan09 12of12 004

This would be us. Waiting for the presentations to begin.
Jan09 12of12 006

This would be one of the presenters.
Jan09 12of12 009 I'm not quite sure how I made him glow. I was fucking with my camera settings.

This would not be one of the presenters.
Jan09 12of12 013

It's the Beetles!
Jan09 12of12 016

Help! I'm being attacked!
Jan09 12of12 017Not by a coelacanth though!

Nemo? Dory? How'd you get in there?
Jan09 12of12 022 Oh, fishy, fishy, fishy, fish.

Obam-a-johns are Everywhere on the Mall!
Jan09 12of12 024

Back in Silver Spring. We made a pitstop at McGinty's.
Jan09 12of12 027Boddington's. Mmmmmm...

I have owned this camera for nearly 5 years, and guess what I just discovered?
Jan09 12of12 030Sepia Setting! Suh-WEET!

Thanks to a HotTip from the gorgeous Clio Bluestocking, I now have my own OBAMA COOKIES.
Jan09 12of12 032 $4.99 at Safeway.

The rest of the pics are here!


  1. Love the glowing presenter. : )

  2. I am so going to Safeway for Obama cookies.

    xoxo, SG

  3. Totally forgot about 12 of 12 this month.

  4. anne marie in philly6:03 PM

    I lerve the easter island-like statue.

    if that is the beetles, where is ed sullivan?

    obam-a-johns (heh heh heh)!

    obama cookies - how are they? details, details...

    PS - word is "vistaloo" - see obam-a-johns!