Monday, January 05, 2009

Oooh ... Look.

Kittens! Guess what?

I was mentioned on a blog I've never heard of. And looking at this blog's 2009 Guide to the Maryland Blogosphere, I'm, all, like, I'm teh Only Gay?


Vicious. Unrepentant. Bitter. Old. Queen. (Silver Spring)
Tagline: Now working a street corner near you (also available for dinner parties and bar mitzvahs).
Posting since: February 2006.
Frequency: 1-2 per day.
Contributors: 1.
Focuses on: Personal journal.

While it’s possible to be put off by being addressed as “kittens” to start and getting *smooches* at the end, all this blog truly does is detail the life events and job search of a single guy living on his own. Honestly, it seems like VUBOQ would be snarkier than it really is and enough people read it to allow the site to have a place on the Guide.*

Technorati authority: 31 Google page rank: 4/10

I'm a little sad** that people might be put off by being addressed as "kittens" and getting *smooches* ... so let me just point you to this post in which I explain the origin of "kittens" say that I searched and can't find the fucking post which explains the origin of "kittens" but I will tell you that my friends and I started using it in place of "bitches" (which one do you think would be more off-putting) and remind you that my *smooches* are *BIG FAT FUCKING GAY SMOOCHES*

teh yum.


*VUBOQ would like to note that he has never claimed to do anything but detail his life. And he is constantly amazed that so many people find it (mildly) interesting. Love you all. Srsly.
**and by "sad" I mean "totally ambivalent, because if you're put off by it, you don't need to be reading it."


  1. anne marie in philly4:17 AM

    I would rather be called a "kitten" than a "bitch", but that's just me.

    and "smooches" are better than "a punch in the mouth".

    just sayin'...

  2. If you ever stop using Kittens and Smooches, Bossy will pack her bags and leave you. She'll get as far as the top of the hallway stairs and then come back in for more VUBOQ fun.

  3. "Kittens" and "smooches" make you YOU!

  4. Really, darling, from you, I love kittens and bitches and all the big fat gay smooches you're passing out.

  5. I'm not a kitten, but am called kitten by VUBOQ. * Does that count? I'm also not a doctor, though I've never played one on TV. And I'm always willing to get a big fat fucking gay smooch.

    *I am a bitch, though VUBOQ doesn't call me a bitch.

  6. I loves teh kittens and smooches! :)

    Don't go changing to try and please me / You never let me down before, mmm, mmm... (Shall I keep singing?)

  7. No one else ever calls me a kitten, so it makes me feel all special like. (I seem to get 'crazy bitch' a lot when I drive, so kitten is a nice change.) As for smooches? Big fat gay smooches iz de best!

  8. I love the kittens and smooches too! I'm new to your blog and I find you very amusing (in a good way) and I look forward to your entries.

  9. What???? You're gay?


  10. I hate you now. I've never been reviewed like that.

  11. I so *heart* kittens and smooches