Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Inaugural Balls

Good Morning, Kittens.

Are you ready to take a trip? Because I'm about to take you on one, a trip into the past ... the Once Upon a Time and the Long, Long Ago ... back when VUBOQ was just a wee lad (or a college Freshman) and looked like this:

(and please, everyone give a big hand to my college friend, Ginger -beautiful Mother of 3-, who uploaded these photos to Facebook last night and inspired this post. *APPLAUSE*)

Some of you may know that I attended college on a (somewhat) prestigious fellowship, the North Carolina Teaching Fellowship, which is awarded to 400 NC Seniors per year [at least it *was* ... I don't know if it still is]. I was in the first class of NCTF recipients to attend Elon College (now university). Elon, in order to woo the program to their hallowed campus, set up all sorts of wonderful (and free!) programs for NC Teaching Fellows.

One of these Fabulous Programs was a three week stint in Washington, DC, in January 1989. We attended lectures. Toured embassies. Drank a whole-heckuva-lot (because, in 1989, DC had a fantastic Grandfather Clause to the No Drinking Under 21 Rule, which allowed us Minors to Drink Like Fishes).

AND, those of us who were not hungover attended the Inauguration of George Herbert Walker Bush. I was there, kittens. I had *tickets*. I Saw Brian Boitano! And Arnold Schwartzenager (from a distance).

AND, we -because we were Elite! North Carolina! Teaching Fellows!- were invited to the North Carolina Inaugural Ball! Where we drank A LOT! and danced to Beach Music! and, then, staggered home.

And, here's a picture:

And, that would be where I learned -exactly 20 years ago- that State Inaugural Balls kinda suck. So, don't be all sad and shit if you don't get tickets, because, really, you and your friends will make your own Inaugural Celebration and have a Much Better Time. Srsly.

Especially if you invite me.



  1. VUBOQ reminds me a little of Ducky from Pretty in Pink. Frickin adorable.

    xoxo, SG

  2. anne marie in philly9:19 AM

    ahhhhhhhh, wee VUBOQ...even more handsome NOW.

    I lived in the dc area from 79-99, and never once was I invited to the ball (like cinderella). not that I would have attended; balls (heh heh heh) are just not ME.

    reagan and bush senior (booo!); clinton (yayzzzzzzz!).


  3. You were and are the cutest thing on two legs!

  4. rn terri10:49 AM

    Love the pictures.

  5. The pics are great, but I do prefer contemporary VUBOQ.

  6. Great pictures!!! And you look so young! (Oh yeah. You were!) I definitely prefer the "mature" look (and note that I use mature in quotes, because, well... I wouldn't ever actually accuse any of my friends of really being mature!). Happy walk down Memory Lane!

  7. I lived in Oklahoma when they raised the drinking age to 21. But they didn't grandfather us tweeners! Can you believe that?!?

    And yes, I agree with everyone: so very cute, but the current VUBOQ is Teh Cutest!

    Also, I echo ShallowGal re: Duckyesquitude.

  8. Yay! I'm featured in your Flickr banner!

    Um, sorry, you were saying?

    Word verification: shilt

  9. I am drowning in the cuteness that is the VUBOQ.

  10. Love this story. LOVE with big pink puffy hearts and i's dotted with more hearts.

    P.S. Bossy's son has a couple of good friends that go to Elon.

  11. VUBOQ was adorable at all ages!

    Let me third the Ducky comparison.

  12. Hee, look at you! ADORABLE as always.