Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Update:

Good morning, Kittens!

Since you've already heard (and seen) the Big News, here's the Story of the Rest of My Weekend.

The house warming party on Saturday night was fun. Sarah and Mario's new house is gorgeous! And most of their friends are really nice; however, SCGB and I got trapped in the kitchen with this Crazy Older Guy, who is the husband of one of Sarah's co-workers. Awkward. Uncomfortable! Oh, look at the time! We have to go.

So we came home, drank limoncello, and watched Brideshead Revisited. The new movie? Not so good. The boys were cute, but that's about it. Read the book. Watch the 80s mini-series. Skip the movie. Srsly.

Sunday, I worked on my taxes for a bit ... which reminds me! It's almost time for the 2nd Annual 10% Refund Challenge! Pledge to donate 10% of your tax refund to charity and Win! Fabulous! Prizes! More on this later this week.

I realized halfway through doing my taxes that I still don't have all my information (namely my property taxes and my student loan interest statement). Hopefully, I'll get those soon. Also ... does anyone know if health insurance premiums are tax deductible? And where? Under "medical expenses" for itemized deductions? It seems like they should be. Anyway, so I sort of skipped some things and guesstimated others. My refund is going to be fairly nice. Not as big as last year's, but not bad.

Then, I cleaned a bit and got a few packages ready to put in the post. I would go to the post office today, but it's sort of snowy out. So I'm staying in. Hurray!

And, my date with Mark was nice :-) I found a recipe for Mexican Corn Chowder in one of his cookbooks. It looks like it will be fairly easy to convert to vegetarian-friendly. I want to try that tonight, I think. Which means I may have to venture forth unto the grocery store. Ugh.

Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. anne marie in philly5:29 PM

    glad to hear your date went well! (does a happy dance)

    but what if you are expecting neither a refund from nor a payment to the taxman? guess that makes me not eligible for a fabu prize...dammit!

  2. How do you have taxes to pay when you don't have a job?

    And I unfortunately can't enter your tax competition as I don't, uh, pay them. Whoops.

  3. Do you eat Crabmeat? Because Bossy had the best red corn chowder... Trader Joe's inspired... The tomato soup broth in the box... crabmeat... and corn...

    Yum yum yum yummy yum.

  4. The big news is still so cute she'll make you go blind from the cuteness.

    Does my savings account count as a charity? (By the way, you were the person who made me finally set up a separate savings account to "pay myself first.")

    Oh, and you have a delivery on my blog. It's "frageeelay."