Friday, January 16, 2009

Just in Time for Mid-Atlantic Leather

... and the Inauguration (wait? There's an Inauguration?), I present to you the poster to your left. Gay Bears 4 Hope! You can make your own poster here.*

Have at it, Kittens. And, Good Morning!

Speaking of the Upcoming Inaugural Festivities, I am -more than likely- not going to attend any. And here are my reasons:

1. It's too cold.
2. Large crowds give me the willies.
3. My GodDamn Fairy Godmother is late in helping me get ready for the Ball.
4. It's Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend (and the Gay Bears want to go).
5. Did I mention that it will be cold and the crowd thing?

Btw, in the last post, I showed a picture of Mike. For clarification, Mike is not with whom I am currently "in like." Yes, he is cute. That would be why I had a Mad Mad Almost Entirely Sexual 3 Month Fling with Him after I broke up with the Cheating Cheater who Cheated Cheatfully. Mike is my personal Birthday Cake Baker/Decorator. Very good to have around. And a super nice guy. And did I mention he makes great cakes? And this one too:
The guy with whom I have had several fun dates (and make-out sessions) is Mark. I don't have a good picture of him (yet). Sorry. But, I do have a date with him tomorrow night. Huzzah!

Tonight, SCGB and I are going to grab some dinner and, then, later, meet Mike (not Mark) at bar somewhere so that Mike can scope out some guy that he's interested in. Fun times!

Happy Friday! I must now get busy and apply for some jobs!


*If you do make your own poster, please post them (or if you don't have a blog, send to me and I'll post them). I'd love to see them :-)


  1. The crowds do seem a bit daunting. And, given this economy, your fairy godmother probably had to take a second job.

  2. rn terri11:55 AM

    Have a great weekend--and a great date!

  3. Couldn't you just give them better blog names like TheGuyWhoMakesBDayCakes and TheGuyImMakingOutWith. That would be less confusing, for me, anyway.

  4. Are you going to Mid-Atlantic Leather?

  5. Nice cake! Get pics of Mark (not Mike) so we can see how cute he is... and have a wonderful date tomorrow night! We are currently waiting here on Oahu for some sort of epic windstorm... have battened hatches as much as possible. Am trying to get my book edited and finalized now, and back to the publisher on the 26th. Yikes! Am crossing my fingers that we don't lose power.

    My security word for this comment is WAVARLI. Doesn't that sound like the next trendy girl's name?

    Hugs and aloha!

  6. anne marie in philly5:44 PM

    sorry, sweetie, for confusing the two (mike and mark).

    I still think mike the cake baker is adorable and he can bake me a cake just as fast as he can anytime!

    as for mark, have a nice time tomorrow night. don't do anything I wouldn't do (snort)!

  7. Bossy is a fully vested member of the Church of Gay Bears.

  8. I may be a bit behind the times here, but i love the new picture thingy at the top of your blog page :)


  9. Is Mark the Tart Guy?

    I"m all for the Gay Bears!

  10. Don't bother showing up until you have a picture of Mark.

    Over and out.

  11. Did Mike make the Hallowe'en cake? And if he did, is there a reason you didn't tell me you and he had a mad sex fling in the past so I could make fun of you all night long?

    Oh, wait.