Wednesday, January 07, 2009

VUBOQ and the Most Fabulicious Day

Good Morning, Kittens!

Yesterday's weather was a veritable Crap-o-Rama; however, my day was So. Much. Friggin'. Fun it was well worth venturing forth into the cold rainy drippy frigid mess ...

On my way to downtown DC, I texted a few friends, and -lo and behold- the beautiful M&M, fresh from their 2 year sojourn in Glasgow were possibly available to "hang out later will call soon."

Bliss! I Can Haz Planz!

While I explored the glories of the Panza exhibit at the Hirshhorn (and, really, kittens, if you are in the DC area - go. It's totally Minimalist Fun!), they toiled in the DC Unemployment Office (and I was so happy to be me!).

Here are some fun pix from the Hirshhorn (Panza exhibit + others):




Self-Portrait in Color


I had just finished exploring all the joys of the Hirshhorn, when M&M arrived. We decided to have lunch at Chipotle, and, then, explored the National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum.

Look, Photos:

Bob Hope

More Portraits


Mike and Matt

Me in the NPG 2

From the NPG, we went to the National Archives. *The* Constitution. The MotherForking Declaration of Independence! We saw it, kittens! Live and in person.

No photos, though. Sorry.

After that, M&M and I parted ways. I came home. Ate dinner. Had a few drinks with SCGB.

And that was my SuperFabulicious Day ... even though the weather was totally crapola! Additional photos available here.

I'm sure today will be equally as exciting: Laundry! De-Decorating! Teh Funz!



  1. Were any parts of the Declaration or Constitution redacted?

  2. I wish we had as many museums, etc., out here. That sounds like a fabulous time.

  3. Huh -- I thought the Bush administration had burned the Constitution.

  4. anne marie in philly1:12 PM

    I second gayprof! I figured the constitution was in shreds by this time. our new president better bring a couple rolls of tape to put it back together again.

    sounds like you had a wonderful day, in spite of the crappy weather. it COULD have been snow, don'tcha know...

  5. Love that picture of you and the drill bits. V. cute!

  6. The museum pics were cool. But the pic I want to know about is in your Flickry Goodness. Is that uterus on a tshirt?