Thursday, January 08, 2009

Are You Happy, Scott? I De-Decorated.

There's this blogger, who I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link to his blog because he's shy (*cough*) and, when he started blogging, he sent a sweet little note to all his friends which read "please don't link to my blog because I am soooooo shy."*

Let's just call him, Scott (for that is his name). Scott apparently has a thing about Christmas Decorations being up past December 25th. I'm fairly certain that as soon as the clock struck midnight, signalling the beginning of the 26th, Scott was out ripping down his Christmas in a flurry of tinsel. I can only imagine the red and green carnage.

I, however, am a firm believer in leaving up decorations until Epiphany (12 days after Christmas). One must not forget the Wise Men, bearing gifts of gold, frankenberries, and myrrh. So, yesterday, being the Day After Epiphany, I unplugged my lights. I folded up the Purple Tinsel Tree. And, along with the Singing Snowmen, boxed them all away.

Let 2009: The Year of Despair officially begin. And, Scott, no need to send the Christmas Police (or your Killer Dogs) over here. Casa de VUBOQ has been de-Christmas'ed. I hope you are happy.

The other exciting event of my day was that the Co-op board bought a new coin sorter for our laundry quarters. I had the board over for a brief demonstration. It was fascinating. Really.

This evening, I will be attending a seminar at the World Wildlife Fund. Paul Erhlich, reknowned lepidopterist and author of The Population Bomb, will be giving a lecture of some sort on Science in Nature. And, there's a reception to follow (free food? *w00t*).

And, finally, please go vote for BOSSY in the Humor Blog Contest by clicking right here. Currently, she's getting spanked by the mindless minions of the Comics Curmudgeon.

Have a great day, kittens.

*It actually read "Link to my blog and I will send my dogs, which are registered weapons in the State of Arizona, to hunt you down and KILL you. Then, my partner will clean up the mess."


  1. You go! I too celebrate the full 12 days of Christmas, and I often don't de-decorate for weeks after that. It's always a bit depressing to go back to things looking unfestive.

  2. Okay, I'm calling off the dogs… for now!

    As for John's comment above, I find that Christmas decorations left after the holidays just remind me even more that the holidays are over. That's depressing, and the decorations just look sad.

  3. P.S. Scott has overcome his shyness. Link away.

  4. Yeah, that Scott is just a delicate little shrinking violet.

  5. Hi Scott! Hi David! Vuboq throws the best comment section parties.

    Bossy spit coffee out, this post was so funny. Only it wasn't coffee because she still isn't treating herself to coffee; it was warm lemon water. Which isn't funny.

    Bossy's tree comes down today, her house lights stay up.

    Take that, Scott.

  6. Bossy forgot to say, "Hi John!"

  7. My parents believe in leaving up Christmas decorations until 12 days after the Roman holiday of Lupercalia (February 15, the Festival of the Wolves), so they're sitting pretty. And as for anyone whose got dogs that are registered weapons in Arizona? All I can say is : COOL!!!! BTW, if you don't put up any Christmas decorations, you don't actually have to take any down... We were done as soon as the presents were unwrapped and the trash was taken out. Neener, neener. ;-D

  8. "frankenberries"???

  9. For the record, I said you could leave your lights up until the weekend of January 3-4. You needed to take them down then. Here's the blog post to prove it:

    Now Bossy, don't make me fly to PA and get out my wire-cutters to use on your lights!

  10. anne marie in philly6:30 PM

    hey, is that scott-o-rama? man, I have missed his blog!

    my tree and lights are still up and on. I will take down the (artificial) tree this weekend, but will leave the green lights on (signifying hope) in the windows until after the inauguration in honor of obama!

    I am with VUBOQ on this one - nothing comes down until after 1/6!

  11. I didn't decorate this year. Problem solved.

  12. Oh gosh I looked away for a minute and LOOK AT ALL THE COOL STUFF YOU DID!!! Wow! Happy New Year!!! I love your scarf so so much... and every one of your fabulously gay smooches!!!