Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poor Man's Broth

Good Morning, Kittens!

Here is a photo of the broth I made last night for the Mexican Corn Chowder I'm going to make this evening:


Why is this Poor Man's Broth? And why should BOSSY's Poverty Party minions pay careful attention?

Because this broth is made (almost) entirely of vegetable scraps! I must credit SCGB for the idea. We were talking about making broth one day, and he said, "I've started throwing all my veggie scraps into a container in the freezer to make broth."

If you've read Mark Bittman's cookbooks, he's all about throwing the entire plant into the pot for broth. But, why buy and then boil perfectly good veggies (that could be used for other things ... like eating), when you can use the scraps you would normally throw away (or, hopefully, compost) for "free"?

So that's what I've done for this broth. There are some zucchini bits and mushroom stems. Onion peelings. And Bok Choy ends. I had been saving them in a container in the freezer. When it became full, I dumped it in a pot, covered it with water, and I threw in half a lime, some peppercorns, a couple of garlic cloves, and a few dried chilis. And boiled simmered the ever-living shit out of it.

Broth made from vegetable waste! What a great idea! I'll let you know how the chowder turns out tomorrow!

And, I'll also fill you in on the details of the 2nd Annual 10% Refund Challenge!



  1. yay depression-style cooking! look again at bittman's advice -- he says not to boil the shit out of it. bring to a boil at the beginning, then simmer GENTLY for an hour or two or three...

  2. That, my dear, is brilliant.

  3. Ahhhhh -- onion skins and all? This is brilliant.

  4. My brother does this quite frequently (he's a big fan of saving vegetable scraps), while I'm 2000+ miles away and never taste it, my parents (who are food snobs) find no issue with it. My brother will also take said food scraps puree them in a food processor and make bread out of the puree (sort of like applesauce bread, but not so much). Apparently this isn't quite as good as the broth. But again, I'm only going on hearsay.

  5. Anonymous2:41 PM

    OK I'll start doing it. It'll impoverish my compost but wtf. I wonder if you could make fruit broth, too ... ??? (I suppose I should make and sell candied orange peel ...)

    Anyway, Clio Bluestocking recommended this blog and it is definitely fun.

  6. It looks pretty, all floating there. Like a tidal pool on the stove. Mmmmm. Jellyfish.