Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Update: How Did That Happen Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

Happy Monday! Later this morning, I'm heading to a 6 hour symposium at the Natural History Museum on tropical extinction. Not sure how fascinating my 12 of 12 will turnout. We shall see.

So, my weekend ...

Friday night, Mark came over for dinner. We had martinis. Then, we ate Spicy Chinese Noodle Soup and rice ... which did not come out quite the way I wanted, but it was still good. At least, Mark said so. Then, we played Scrabble (I Kicked His Ass!) and watched Enchanted. And, somehow we ended up shirtless and making out. How did that happen?

Saturday, I met Dana (right) and the Skankified Ho (left) for lunch. We had many, many margaritas at Austin Grill. Yum. Some people have wondered why I would hang out with a Known Skankified Ho, and I can't explain other than to say that it's for the same reason women are attracted to gay men or moths to flames. VUBOQ is attracted to Hot Tranny Messes and Skankified Hos. I just can't look away. Besides that, they tend to be fun!

After lunch, I headed up to Mike's house for hot tea and movies. Fun. We haven't spent hardly anytime together recently, so it was nice to chill on his sofa and have some Grown-Up Girl Bonding Time.

And, on Sunday, I blobbed on the sofa. All day long. Then, around 7:45, I headed upstairs to watch the Golden Globes with Tomokito. Good times, kittens. Good times.

Finally, BOSSY posted a Thank You Video for her road trip last spring. Go. Take a look. Keep an eye out for VUBOQ and the Gay Bears! And, then, vote for her for Best Humor Blog.

Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. Maybe the combination of liquor, Scrabble, and Enchanted can't lead anywhere but making out.

  2. Hey, I watched Enchanted over the weekend, too! But I didn't end up shirtless on the sofa making out. Damn! I guess I truly am a REFORMED Skankified Ho. [wistful sigh]

    What did you think of the movie? I was really distracted by Idina Menzel's underbite. She looked downright SCARY most of the time. I thought she was going to turn very very baaaaaaaad!

  3. And this hot tranny mess loves you right back!

    xoxo, SG

  4. Vuboq: who has better weekends than YOU?