Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wait. It's Thursday?

Good Early Evening, Kittens.

Did I mention that I have a New Phone? Well, I do. And it's camera has a Sepia function (as well as black and white, blue, green, full color, antique, negative, cool, warm, and something referred to as "sketch"). I believe that everyone looks better in Sepia.

I *heart* Sepia ... ever since I was a young biology student at Elon University (then, College) and had to single-handedly sort and sex fruit flies with sepia-colored eyes. Then, I had to smash them onto some special paper and run some sort of chemical chromatograph.

I'm not sure what the point was exactly, but after staying up 'til 3AM to insure that the newly hatched fruit flies remained virgins (I know!), smashing them with a pencil eraser was oddly therapeutic.

So, at lunch, between the salad course and the entree (green curry tofu - YUM!), I took a sepia picture of Mike:


And, here's a fun sepia picture of the PsychoKitty. With flash (which explains -I hope- the creepy glowing eyes):


And, la la la ... I guess that's about it for now. I haven't applied for any jobs yet this week, so tomorrow is going to be Biz-to-the-Ay!

And, my friend isn't coming up for the Inauguration ...which is a good thing in that I won't have to spend the day cleaning out the spare room (which only a few months ago was so clean and pretty, but is now a Total Disaster *sigh*).

Have I mentioned how much I hate entropy?



  1. Poor fruit flies.... To not know the pleasures of the flesh, erm, exoskeleton, uh...nevermind. I feel sorry for them anyway. Especially to get smooshed by a pencil eraser.... (Could I use any more ellipses in one comment? Probably.... Heh.)

  2. Righhhhhhhtttttt. We are going to need you to come in on Saaaaaaaturday and take sepia pictures of Mike with a side part, with and without glasses(they aren't progressive are they?) Only then will we be able to quantitatively assess the hawtness faactorial.

  3. Yeah, so how awful is the Inauguration going to be? I can't wait for the madness.

  4. anne marie in philly2:18 AM

    mike looks like a cutie. mos def better looking than Y.

    dear dear VUBOQ, just make sure to let your "big head" lead your "little head" and not the other way around. why yes, I DO speak from experience, TYVM. I don't want to see you get hurt again.

    isabella - LMAO!