Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a Little Thing I Like to Call ...

8 Degree Wind Chill.

And, that would be why, Dear Kittens, yours truly did not venture forth unto the Mall to Witness History.

Instead, I watched it all in TechniColor with SCGB, and

I did celebrate President Obama's Inauguration in the my own special way ...

Apparently, "Yes We Can" tastes like crappy dry sugar cookies covered in barfy white chocolate.
Have a Great Day!


  1. Silly VUBOQ--you're not supposed to actually eat those. You're supposed to save them for two decades and then sell them on eBay!

  2. V. cute sweater. My book bag in first grade was orange and brown. Hence, I've always associated those colors with an odd sort of apprehension tinged with hopefulness. So thoughtful of you to wear such an evocative sweater for me on this day!


  3. Love the picture!

    It was 8 degrees? No wonder my toes are nearly frostbit! I'm about done with this winter thing now.

    Thank you for taking one for the team and stepping in for the cookie review. I'm quite releived that I didn't buy them!

  4. anne marie in philly6:02 PM

    seriously, I cried during the oath. my boss shut down our office, and all 7 of us went to a nearby restaurant for lunch and to watch CNN HD TV. the photography was impressive, since I used to live in DC and have walked the national mall many times. aretha franklin still has good pipes (rock on, sistah!). barack's speech was inspiring.

    now comes the hard part - transforming america from a laughingstock into a leader again. I don't envy our new president's job.

  5. I made a very fabulous Obama cake. Read all about it tomorrow. We're eventually going to get together, Vuboq. And by eventually, I mean when it warms the fuck up.

    Busboys and Poets. Sometime in the future. Be there.

  6. rn terri12:18 PM

    Too bad about the sucky cookies, love the sweater though.

  7. 8 degree windchill -- Puh'lease. We are lucky if our actual high temperature is 8.

  8. I can't imagine any cookie would taste good if the frosting had someone's face on it.