Monday, December 01, 2008

Weekend Update: Disaster Edition

Good morning, Kittens!

Guess who slept in this morning? It was lovely.

Most of my weekend was: Eat, Drink, Pie!, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Pie!, Sleep ... so not all that exciting.

I didn't go out on Friday night. Saturday I was up early to spend the day working the admissions desk at SCGB's father's antiques show. 10:30-6. $20/hour. Not too shabby. But a bit on the boring side ... the highlight of the day was probably this conversation I had with an Elderly Gentleman:

[after purchasing his tickets]
EG: You sound smart.
V: Thank you. I like to think I am.
EG: What's your major?


After leaving the antiques show, I met Mark for chinese food. Mmm. Chinese food. I felt a little high maintenance, because, when I learned they didn't have exactly what I wanted on the menu, I made them make it for me.

See, it's like this ... I wanted something spicy, with tofu, and vegetables. They had non-spicy tofu with vegetables. And they had spicy tofu with peanuts (no vegetables). So, I asked them to add some vegetables to the spicy tofu and peanuts dish.

It was delicious.

After dinner, Mark came back to my place for tea and tart and conversation. Mmmm. Tart.

It was delicious.

Sunday evening, I had a few friends and neighbors over for a Disaster Flick Film Fest. We watched Volcano and The Swarm. We started compiling a list of Things We Learned from Disaster Movies:

1. Women get hysterical.
2. Men save the day.
3. Children get in the way.

I'm sure there were other important life lessons, but it will take watching many many more disaster flicks. After everyone left, I watched The Towering Inferno. Fun.

I'm glad Fred Astaire and the cat lived.

Today, I'll be working on a government job essay and running a few errands. If I am super-motivated, I may run over to the pottery studio to see if my final 3 pots are out of the kiln. Or I might wait a few more days on that. We shall see.

More later. *smooches*


  1. Superman has another observation about disaster films. Physics does not apply. He's an engineer, and there's a limit to his willing suspension of disbelief. Disaster flicks are particularly painful for him to watch.

  2. Personally I enjoy when the kid drops a stuffed animal and runs back to get it. Unfortunately most of the time the hero goes back and saves them. Where's the fun in that?

  3. Children get in the way. Isn't that from a passage in the bible?