Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekend Update: I'm Back Edition

Good Afternoon, Kittens.

I am back from returning the rental car. And can now report on my weekend and trip to NC.

Lessee ... Friday, after the brother returned from work, we met a friend of his at some bar somewhere in Greensboro and drank many martinis.

Then, we returned to his apartment and drank more martinis and a bottle of wine while we watched Transformers (which I must say kind of sucked ass). Saturday morning?

V. hungover.

Somehow, I managed to get up and in the car and drive. I drove home via Staunton, VA, where I stopped off to visit my uncle and aunt. We had a lovely lunch together.

I finally arrived home at around 4:30.

Kristi, the upstairs neighbor, got home about the same time, so we made a date for dinner. We went to Adega for their Weekend Date Night Special (one appetizer, two entrees, one bottle of wine = $35). Bargain.

After dinner, we ate leftover Xmas cookies and watched Love Actually.

Sunday, I drove to Target. Kitty litter! Cat food! New socks! Once home, I remembered that I had several Target gift cards. Oops.

Then, SCGB and I went to Panera for lunch (because the Unemployment Fairy left a Panera gift card by my door last week). After lunch, we went to the Whole Foods. Yay.

Later, I decided to put my new table set together. Screwing the stools (*heh*) together was hard, so SCGB brought down his electric drill. After we finished, we started drinking martinis and watching DVDs. Kristi came down. We drank more. We ordered pizza.

And, somehow, it was after midnight. They left. I went to bed.

This morning? V. hungover.

And, now for your viewing pleasure, a few photos from my trip:

This would be a lake. Somewhere in Virginia, near the NC border. Taking pictures while driving? Kinda hard:

In North Carolina, the roads are paved with diamonds! Sparkly!

College friends! At PF Changs! I haven't seen Ginger and Elisa (on my right and left) in over 15 years.

Oh, Christmas Tree: Thinking Outside the Box Edition. The wooden pole for the fake branches was missing, so I set up the tree in the wet bar sink in my brother's living room. And, the only strand of lights I could find was a 400-bulb set:

Now, I must get to cleaning. I'm hosting a New Year's Eve Champagne Tasting and Game Night.



  1. Welcome home, honey.

  2. That's a lot of drinking.

    I mean, sooooo glad you had a great time.

  3. I *adore* Love Actually. But it makes me cry. Cry like a kid whose mother has taken away her security blanky. Cry like a 15 year old whose heart has been broken for the first time. Cry like a 40 year old whose heart can still be broken . . .

    I think I'll follow your example and just take to drinking ; )

  4. We watched Love Actually the other night too, it's my favorite recent Christmas movie. Like Kristen I pretty much start crying at the opening music and keep bawling until the credits roll.

    Welcome back !

    xoxo, SG

  5. I love your Thinking Outside The Box Christmas Tree. Check out my blog to see my interpretation of said theme.

    Welcome home. Glad you survived the holidays relatively intact, and glad you're home safe and sound, if somewhat overhung.