Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spleen Venting

Good Morning, Kittens. Happy Winter Solstice!

As I mentioned yesterday, the StickSteven 2008 Year in Review letter has gone out, and -as I could have predicted- the bitching and moaning has started. Usually, at least one person has an issue with it. I didn't put them in. Why didn't I draw this? Whatever. To those who complain, my standard reply is "you don't like my letter? Draw your own fucking letter." [Except, of course, when it's my parents. Then, I delete the "fucking."]

Some of you astutely noticed that I did not include Y in the letter. As standard practice, I tend not to include the people I'm dating or were dating during the year.

Yesterday, I had this little exchange with Y via IM:

Y: me no like sticksteven 2008
V: why not?
Y: ur almost as bad as the russians
Y: tearing pages out of history books
V: what? i included all major events of my life.
Y: "fireworks in nyc"
Y: i donno.. i thought something was missing...
V: i'm sure it wasn't anything important
Y: obviously wasnt important to you
V: i guess not

and, then, he shuts up and signs off.

Which did not give me the opportunity to say what I *wanted* to say which was ...

V: Would you rather I had drawn you in August/September? When I was laid off, attacked, and, then, ignored by the person who should have cared the most?

Srsly. I need a better man filter.

And, on that note, have a great day. *smooches*


  1. I loved the SS. I wasn't even upset that you didn't mention all the Hawt blog bitches that helped you get over a bad Y chromosome.

  2. Every panel really should have been focused on how GayProf responded to the various events in your life. What did I think about your being laid off? What words of wisdom did I have about sewer backups? I mean, it's my world, you other people just live there.


  3. anne marie in philly1:09 PM

    the only reason Y didn't like it was because it didn't have HIM as the center of your universe.

    fuck him. if he wants to be in the center of something, let him write his own newsletter! selfish bastard!

    personally, I liked the letter. I thank you for sending it to me.

    today the days start getting longer...YAYZ!!!!!

  4. Ok, so I JUST (even after the email) NOW got that this StickSteven is like your Christmas letter that fams send out. Gah, slow points for me. Really great and cute idea!!

  5. I loved it. I also wouldn't have sent it to Y, because by now I would have said, "Go away and leave me the fuck alone."

  6. I thought it was brilliant! I'll say it again...BRILLIANT!!

  7. Darling, it is perfect just the way it is, because it's yours and that is how you wrote it. I like Earl Cootie's comment from the previous post that Y was in the Chasm of Sept.

  8. Bossy sort of had that whole Y/Vuboq conversation in her head when she saw the StickSteven thing. Maybe Bossy needs a life?

  9. you know, not including those you date wasn't something that really occurred to me at all, but then i didn't realize that you also sent it to your parents. it would be one heck of a coming out, that's certain.

    i do wish you'd sent him the last message, but hey, you're just a nice guy :D

    happy yule!

  10. Man, what an asshole Y is proving to be. Anyhoo, I liked the letter, so there. :)

  11. Ok, ok, seriously, he left himself wide open for a:

    "In Soviet Russia, history erases YOU!"

  12. Wow, he's really quite clueless.

    I noticed the omission and felt it was quite mature of you do to so. I'm not sure I'd have behaved as admirably.

  13. You sent StickSteven 2008 to your parents?! Do you realize there's an ass joke on it?!

    And the whole "April was dry" thing implies you normally do drink, dunnit? Are you trying to tell them you're a DRUNK?!

    Seriously, though: I AM IN IT, and that is the MOST IMPORTANT THING. Plus you drew me all cuter than I really am, which is TEH TOTES BONUS, BITCHES!

    Plus: I truly AM loud and fun!

    Plus: Poor Y. is lucky he even got a copy of StickSteven.